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Which Type of Lapel Pin is Best for Your Needs? Here’s a Guide.

You’ve already decided to make a custom lapel pin to help spread the word about your business, cause, team, or event. But you’re not so clear on which pin style to choose. Fear not, because we’ve created a handy guide … Continue reading

What is the Difference Between a Die Struck Lapel Pin and a Soft Enamel Pin?

What is the difference between a die struck lapel pin and a soft enamel?  We’ll explain each in detail below so you can make an informed decision as to which style best meets the needs of you and your business, … Continue reading

Political Party Lapel Pins

Political party lapel pins are especially popular during an election year.  What better way to show your support for a candidate than by handing out custom lapel pins to people in your community?  Your business or organization can make a … Continue reading

How Do You Decide What Type of Lapel Pin Works For Your Event?

Have you ever looked at our site and wondered, “How do I pick a lapel pin for my event?”  Here is some basic information to help with your decision: 1) What will your pin be used for? If it is … Continue reading

What are Silk Screen Lapel Pins?

The popularity of the silk screen method has grown drastically with the increasing demand for silk screen t-shirts, posters, and tote bags. To ensure our customers have access to a variety of design options, Signature Pins also offers silk screen … Continue reading

What Is the Difference Between Cloisonné and Soft Enamel Style Lapel Pins?

Our customers frequently want to know what the differences are between cloisonné and soft enamel lapel pins.  Without getting too technical, we decided to address this question via our blog. Not only will this information serve as a guide when … Continue reading

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