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Awareness Lapel Pin Took the Lead in National 4-H Week

Signature Pins is always glad to help the individuals and organizations that are truly making a difference in our society.  Youth development organization 4-H is one of many non-profits that has devoted itself to the research and development of programs … Continue reading

Using Custom Lapel Pins as a Tool for Point of Sale Marketing

Custom lapel pins attached to a piece of colorful card stock serve as excellent items for retailers to sell.  Not only do they come pre-packaged, their small size makes them the perfect last minute gift to pitch at the cash … Continue reading

Lapel Pins: Effective and Affordable Promotion for Your Small Business

By Caryn Smith © 2010, All Rights Reserved Every business owner and sales manager knows that marketing is a never-ending job. Part of that job is finding unique items to use for giveaways, community outreach, or as small tokens of … Continue reading

4 Ways to Use Custom Lapel Pins in Real Estate Marketing

by Caryn Smith © 2009 With the enormous amount of competition in the real estate industry, setting yourself apart is vital. Branding, advertising and promotion of your skills and credentials can mean attracting more sellers – and thus – … Continue reading

Make a Positive and Lasting Impression at Trade Shows

By Caryn Smith © 2009, All Rights Reserved Trade shows are fantastic venues for both vendors and buyers to experience a great deal of variety in one location. While the traffic at a trade show offers a lot of exposure … Continue reading

Boost Nonprofit Marketing Efforts With Lapel Pins

Loyalty.  Appreciation.  Connection.  In order to maintain an active donor base, all nonprofits have to keep contributors loyal and feeling appreciated.  In addition, bridging a connection with individual donors is also a vital step in ensuring repeat contributions.  That’s what … Continue reading

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