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Choosing a Unique Shape for Your Custom Challenge Coins

At Signature Pins, we like a good challenge.  This is evident by the great amount of time and effort we put into making unique items for our clients.  In fact, when it comes to challenge coins, we like to think … Continue reading

The New and Improved Signature Coins Website

We are pleased to announce the launching of our new and improved Signature Coins website.  In addition to having an entirely different look, we have added the following features as a way to make it easier for you to create … Continue reading

Challenge Coin Use: Military versus Corporate

Challenge coins are recognized as a symbol of strength and dedication.  That is why so many groups these days opt to create their own to give away to members of their staff, unit or team.  Besides having historical military significance, … Continue reading

How Challenge Coins Can Help Build Positive Relationships

A token of respect in the form of a challenge coin can work wonders in uniting people.  Capt. Joshua Guide, a customer of Signature Coins, demonstrates this with the testimonial that he sent to us recently. It reads: Ryan, I … Continue reading

Plating Options For Custom Challenge Coins

By Caryn Smith © 2010, All Rights Reserved Custom challenge coins play a big role in the military as well as Corporate America.  Not only do they serve as recognition awards for exceptional individuals, they also can be used to … Continue reading

Today’s Custom Shaped Challenge Coins Break the Mold with Their Unique Design

By Ryan Dailey © 2010, All Rights Reserved The ability to think outside the box and create outside the mold is an attribute that is valued by businesses and organizations looking for unique challenge coin designs.   Breaking free from the … Continue reading

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