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Foster a Sense of Pride and Achievement with Distinctive Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins allegedly date back to World War I, when a military officer presented his men with bronze medallions imprinted with their flying squadron’s insignia. Later, one of the pilots was captured by the French, who were preparing to execute … Continue reading

Custom Challenge Coins for a Military Homecoming

Create a custom challenge coin for a military unit’s homecoming and commemorate the event. The process itself is fun and rewarding. Our team of talented artists work with you to make sure that we’ve included every design element that you’ve … Continue reading

Challenge Coins Aren’t Just for the Military

Did you know that challenge coins have historical significance?  That’s right, they do!  Since World War I, military units have used custom challenge coins to reward honorable acts and exceptional people.  These symbolic tokens of appreciation are not just for … Continue reading

The Birthday of the Marine Corps

Many people consider November 10, 1775 the birth of today’s United States Marine Corps.  That very day, Captain Samuel Nicholas formed the Continental Marines of the American Revolutionary War by a resolution of the Second Continental Congress.  Today marks the … Continue reading

Custom Coin Shapes Add a New Dimension to Military Designs

Since World War I, custom challenge coins have been used to honor good deeds.  Members of the military that show exceptional character and perform heroic acts are richly rewarded with a gift of gratitude.  These tokens of appreciation are almost … Continue reading

Challenge Coins, What Can You Use Them For?

Challenge coins are as unique as the people that order them.  They are extremely versatile which adds to their appeal.  The military uses them to show pride in their unit, base, and branch of service.  They also use them to … Continue reading

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