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Using Custom Lapel Pins for Employee Incentive Programs

Historically speaking, incentive programs are a successful way to motivate employees.  Companies of all sizes use awards to turn ordinary workers into exceptional workers.  Custom lapel pins, used as tangible rewards, have the power to change work culture so that … Continue reading

Custom Lapel Pins Make Great Giveaway Items to Promote Your Business

Do you want your business to stand out in a sea of competitors?  What are you doing to make this happen?  Do you have a marketing plan of attack?  Does it involve custom lapel pins? As a trusted lapel pin … Continue reading

Simulated Gemstones Can Jazz Up Your Lapel Pins

Simulated gemstones have the ability to significantly alter the appearance of your employee recognition award and years of service lapel pins.  A small but noticeable detail, a splash of color adds an element to your design that wouldn’t ordinarily be … Continue reading

Creating Memorable Lapel Pins for Your New Year’s Celebration

As 2010 comes to an end, people all over the world plan on ringing in the New Year in style.  From office parties to elegant soirees, there will be plenty of opportunities to make December 31st a night to remember.  … Continue reading

Employee Recognition Pins Make Everyone a Star

Employee Recognition Programs make companies more successful.  In addition to achieving widely publicized goals, they also highlight exceptional individuals, their work ethic, and their accomplishments.  Custom lapel pins work to identify team players and reward their efforts.  The small tokens … Continue reading

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