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Create Custom Medallions for Kid Inventors’ Day

January 17th is Kid Inventors’ Day.  Make this year’s celebration even more exciting than the last.  Award participants custom medallions.  Honor their achievements in a truly fun way. Custom medallions are personal and meaningful.  They’re crafted using high quality materials … Continue reading

Custom 5K Race Medallions

With the cooler temperatures of fall comes the beginning of race season across the US. Have you considered custom medallions as a way to reward all of the finishers of your 5K? If you haven’t, now is the time to … Continue reading

Medallions to Commemorate Church Anniversaries and Banquet Events

In addition to custom lapel pins and custom challenge coins, we offer a different type of memento that is attractive in appearance and rich with personal sentiment. Custom medallions resemble the same medals that are given away at sporting and … Continue reading

Custom Medallions for Church Anniversaries and Awards

More and more churches are ordering custom medallions to use at their anniversary parties and recognition awards ceremonies.  That’s great news for Signature Pins because we happen to create custom made medallions and love assisting our customers with their requests … Continue reading

Custom Medallions to Help Say Thank You for Many Years of Service

Create a lifelong memory with a custom medallion for years of service.  It’s just one of the many options Signature Pins customers have for unique, memorable gift items.  Medallions are historically viewed as having high value.  That’s what makes them … Continue reading

It’s That Time of Year to Get Ready for Mardi Gras Season!

It’s never too early to start on your lapel pins and medallions for Mardi Gras season. Mardi Gras festivals are celebrated in various parts of the county. Why not get a medallion with matching lapel pins for your participants to … Continue reading

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