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Custom Cardstock Offers Unique Way to Present Custom Lapel Pins

Every business needs a unique way to get their advertising message out in the community. With this being said, have you ever thought of added custom cardstock along with your lapel pin?  A popular presentation option, cardstock allows you to … Continue reading

Custom Lapel Pins Attached to Cardstock Commemorate a Job Well Done

Fully customizable with the logo or mascot of the event, custom lapel pins with cardstock make nice thank you gifts for employees, students, volunteers, and donors.  Cardstock can be made in a number of different sizes to create mailers or … Continue reading

Honor Employees with Perfect Attendance with a Lapel Pins

Employee recognition awards programs help workplaces be more productive.  In addition to acknowledging employee achievement, something as small as a lapel pin can increase productivity, reduce accidents and absenteeism, boost morale, and create a happier, healthier atmosphere overall.  Many companies … Continue reading

Cardstock for the Presentation of Your Lapel Pins

Want a nice way to present your lapel pins instead of the usual plastic poly bag? How about custom cardstock?  Cardstock is a unique and memorable way to get your message across to your recipient. Imagine the surprised look on … Continue reading

Very Small Lapel Pins Offer Great Possibilities

Businesses, organizations, sports teams, clubs, and academic institutes love using custom lapel pins as promotional tools because of their attractive nature and versatility.  No other product is nearly as fitting for advertising purposes than that of the lapel pin.   Because … Continue reading

It’s All in the Presentation: Recognizing Years of Service for Your Volunteers or Employees

Do you have employees in your workplace that you want to honor for their long time service?  If you answered “Yes,” we have an idea for you.  What better way to recognize the men and women that make up your … Continue reading

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