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Celebrate What Puts Your City on the Map with Custom Lapel Pins

O’Neill, Nebraska is one city with a unique festival that puts them on the map.  Home of the “World’s Largest Shamrock” and “The Famous Green Horse,” it hosts a St. Patrick’s Day parade each year which everyone in the community … Continue reading

Create a Lapel Pin Highlighting the Attractions of Your City

City lapel pins are gaining popularity.  Communities around the country sell the pins as way to generate revenue, boost tourism, and give people something to remember them by.  Walk into any souvenir shop in the country and you’ll find a … Continue reading

If Your Hometown Has an Unusual Name, Why Not Embrace It with Custom Lapel Pins?

Bridal Veil, Oregon.  No Mirage, California.  Hurricane, Utah.  Christmas, Florida.  All are real cities found in the United States.  Despite having funny sounding, almost contrived names, each is a real place on the map, a city filled with people, businesses, … Continue reading

Chamber of Commerce Lapel Pins Draw Interest in Your City and Its Businesses

Chamber of Commerce lapel pins are versatile tools.  Created to reflect each city’s rich cultural history, they are used by members and given to visitors as a way of drawing interest in local businesses, attractions, and special events.  Unique in … Continue reading

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