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3D Designs Add a Special “Made by Hand” Touch to Your Lapel Pins or Custom Challenge Coins

If you’re looking for a way to add a special “made by hand” touch to your custom lapel pins or custom challenge, 3D designs is where it’s at.  The design feature is a popular option offered by Signature Pins. 3D … Continue reading

Custom Challenge Coins are Great Awards for Baseball Tournament Participation

Baseball tournaments are known for their pin trading events but did you know that custom challenge coins are also a part of competitive sports?  That’s right!  Challenge coins make a perfect giveaway item for team members and their families. Add … Continue reading

Commemorate the End of the Year with Thank You Coins for Your Vendors and Partners

Commemorate the end of the year with custom “Thank You” challenge coins for your vendors and partners.  The attractive keepsake items are a great way to acknowledge the people who have helped make your business or organization successful.  One of … Continue reading

Custom Challenge Coins for a Military Homecoming

Create a custom challenge coin for a military unit’s homecoming and commemorate the event. The process itself is fun and rewarding. Our team of talented artists work with you to make sure that we’ve included every design element that you’ve … Continue reading

Custom Challenge Coins Help Car Dealerships Say Thank You to Customers

Custom challenge coins have a way of appealing to people in a real and personal way.  The unique tokens of appreciation are perfect for thanking customers.  If you want to give a gift to the people that have purchased cars … Continue reading

POW/MIA Recognition Day Custom Lapel Pins and Custom Challenge Coins

POW/MIA Recognition Day is the 3rd Friday of September.  Each year, the President of the United States of America issues a proclamation on this day.  If you want to take part in this year’s celebration, consider creating custom lapel pins and … Continue reading

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