Custom Lapel Pins

High Quality Custom Lapel Pins


Cloisonné is the obvious choice for customers looking for lapel pins with a fine jewelry finish and higher perceived value. The design is imprinted into the metal using a die strucking process. This enhances the image by giving it depth and distinction. Color is then added to the recessed areas of each custom lapel pin and polished after being fired at 1600 degrees.


Similar in appearance to Cloisonné pins, Soft Enamel lapel pins also involve the process of imprinting your design onto a metal surface. Color is overlaid. Each lapel pin is then fired at 450 degrees and polished. An optional epoxy protective coating called a dome can be applied to protect the color from cracking and fading.


With Die Struck custom lapel pins, your image is stamped into the metal and polished. Color is optional. The embossed look is great for Years of Service and Merit awards.


Employee Recognition lapel pins can be used to recognize exceptional employees by rewarding their efforts and work ethic. They serve as a valuable tool for any size of business that is looking to strengthen the bond with their employees, encourage teamwork, and foster an indomitable spirit in the workplace.


An image of your design is transferred from a photographic negative onto the surface of the metal. Pins are then cut out of the sheet according to your custom design. Non-colored, raised sections of the pin are plated in your choice of metal. An epoxy protective coating, also known as a dome, is applied to protect the colors from scratches. This process is recommended for exact images of photographs and graphics.


Sports team trading pins are wildly popular at youth events and tournaments. Incorporate your Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer or Hockey team’s colors, mascot, name, and hometown into your custom design and watch your players and crowd go wild.


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