You’ve already decided to make a custom lapel pin to help spread the word about your business, cause, team, or event. But you’re not so clear on which pin style to choose. Fear not, because we’ve created a handy guide to help you pick the perfect pin for you. Keep reading!

Cloisonné Lapel Pins:
Cloisonné pins are highly distinctive, featuring rich detail and a jewelry-like appearance. They’re made by using two bronze, die-cut molds, one of the outline of your pin and the other of any cutout designs. Every color in a cloisonné pin is individually hand-filled with a glass-like powder, then fired in a special kiln at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. This firing process helps the colors retain their vibrance and eliminates smudging and bleeding.

Ideal for:
Commemorating special events and showcasing your logo

Silkscreen Lapel Pins:
This style of pin gives you the ultimate flexibility in color and design. Your image can go all the way to the edges, leaving ample room for lettering. Since silkscreen pins are borderless, you can create an exact replica of your design in an array of custom shapes and sizes. The finished pin features vibrant, lustrous, clearly separated colors under a smooth, protective epoxy coating that safeguards it from scratches and dings.

Ideal for:
Displaying the logo of your organization, charity, or special event

Offset Printed Lapel Pins:
If you want to convey a lot of detail in your pin (or a variety of colors), this is the way to go. Offset printed lapel pins are the perfect option if your artwork uses shadows, gradients, or other subtle color variations. Since designs for these pins are obtained from a photo negative or digital file, you have a limitless choice of creative elements (such as fonts).

Ideal for:
Promoting special events, bands, theatrical shows, and art galleries

Die Struck Lapel Pins:
Going for a more sophisticated look? Die struck lapel pins are as distinctive as they come. They’re made from your choice of copper, brass, or iron, which are softer metals that allow a crisp, clear imprint. Once they’re molded, the surface of these pins is polished. The contrast between the polished surface and recessed areas creates a richness not seen with other types of pins.

Ideal for:
Service awards, anniversaries, employee recognition, association membership

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins:
The process of making soft enamel pins allows for the capture of precise details, from inspirational messages to event dates. Each is individually die struck to create the shape, leaving the recessed areas to receive color. Every pin is accented with color-matched enamel, and then kiln-fired to create a hard, durable finish. An additional coating of epoxy can help prevent fading and keep your pin looking brand-new for many years.

Ideal for:
Employee recognition, corporate branding, fundraising, souvenirs

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.

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