Show Appreciation with an Employee Recognition Set
By Caryn Smith © 2012, All Rights Reserved

Do you tell your employees “thank you”?

As the job market improves, it’s becoming more and more important for companies to make sure their employees feel appreciated and valued. If you don’t, it won’t be long before they’re looking for something better, and we all know it’s much more cost effective to keep a current employee than to search for, hire, and train a new one. That doesn’t mean you have to give everyone a raise or an extra week’s vacation, though. Often, a simple gift is the perfect way to show your loyal employees just how much you value their continued hard work and dedication.

Employee recognition gifts come in a wide variety of styles, from paper award certificates to big-ticket items like televisions and resort vacations. The trouble with high-priced incentives is obvious – the cost. That leaves a lot of employers looking for more cost-effective alternatives.

The problem is, many of these gifts are perceived as being “cheap.” That’s definitely not the look you’re going for when it comes to making your employees feel valued and appreciated.
There are options available, however, that are both cost effective and have a high perceived value for your employees.

Employee recognition sets are perfect for a variety of award situations. Years of service comes quickly to mind, but also consider rewarding departments for their safety or cost-savings initiatives, singling out employees who have demonstrated exceptional improvements, or rewarding your top salesmen. Even without much thought you should be able to find several achievements worthy of recognition.

Each set consists of a lapel pin, matching keychain, and sequentially numbered challenge coin. They’ll proudly wear the lapel pins at company functions and other special occasions, while the keychain will be a daily reminder that you appreciate their service. In addition, the challenge coin is a true collectors’ item, suitable for framing and displaying on an office wall. All three together will become a lasting keepsake your employee will cherish for years, and an incentive for other staff members.

Your choice of materials makes an employee recognition set easy to customize with your logo, company name, or other information. Die struck pieces have the look of fine engraving, and are perfect for years-of-service awards or the achievement of an educational milestone. Cloisonné makes colors stand out, while still having the look of fine jewelry. It’s the ideal choice if you’d like to include a message, such as your company’s slogan or a few words about the reason for the award. And offset printing allows you to use virtually any photo or other artwork as the basis for your pins.

Maybe the best thing about employee recognition sets is how easy they are to order. Look for a vendor that offers custom color matching, free design work, and a choice of finishes. Ask about the availability of different fasteners and clasps, as not all will be suitable for every pin style. Finally, you want to be sure your sets arrive in time for the big day, so always check shipping policies and turnaround time before placing your order.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need an affordable way to reward your employees, lapel pins are an excellent option. Visit today for custom lapel pins in just 10 days, guaranteed!

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