Reward Hard Work and Loyalty with Employee Recognition Pins
By Caryn Smith (c) 2014, All Rights Reserved

Would it surprise you to learn that there’s more to employee satisfaction – not to mention retention – than just a solid compensation and benefits plan? The fact is, recent surveys by the Society for Human Resource Management show that recognition for a job well done is nearly as important as pay when it comes to keeping your employees happy.

Years-of-Service Awards Encourage Employee Loyalty

The days of retiring from your job after 40 years of service may be gone, but recognizing your long-term employees for their contribution to your company is still a welcome tradition. Rewarding those employees in a public ceremony with a tangible gift makes the occasion more memorable, and a stylish lapel pin is the ideal choice.

Sporting your logo and company motto, a colorful cloisonné pin perfectly captures the spirit of your organization. And, since they’re available in nearly any shape and color combination, it’s easy to create just the look you want. Add a colored gemstone to denote the years of service, or design pins in different styles to indicate how long your employee has been a valued member of the team.

Recognize Outstanding Service

Whether it’s a customer service representative who goes out of her way for a client, an employee who hasn’t missed a day of work all year, or your most-improved team member, rewards for great service are always appreciated. Consider creating an MVP pin just for those employees who deserve special recognition.

Die-struck pins offer a distinctive style worthy of an important celebration. Available in bronze, gold, or silver finish, these sophisticated pins make every recipient feel like a superstar.

Small gifts do more than just recognize accomplishments. They encourage a little friendly competition among the staff; provide a fun, attainable goal employees can work towards; and let everyone know that your company cares enough to do something special. While the cost is minimal, the long-term effect on employee morale and job satisfaction can be phenomenal.

Creating your employee recognition pins couldn’t be easier. By choosing a supplier that offers free design work and custom color matching, you’ll get just the look you’re going for. When you order, remember to ask about shipping policies and delivery times, because the last thing you want is for those all-important years-of-service pins to arrive late. Finally, be sure to consult with your vendor about your presentation options. An acrylic or velvet case can help turn your lapel pins into an award employees will proudly display at their workstations.

The New Year is a great time to institute a new employee rewards program to encourage staff members to reach their goals and stretch themselves to achieve greater things. And your rewards program doesn’t have to cost a lot to implement, either, with inexpensive but stylish lapel pins made to order. Start planning for quarterly, semi-annual, or year-end ceremonies now, and let your staff join in the fun and anticipation.

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