Recognize and Reward Organization Members With Beautiful Custom Lapel Pins

By Caryn Smith (c) 2014, All Rights Reserved

We’re all busy.

We have more commitments than time, and that makes it increasingly difficult for community-based service organizations such as the Rotary Club, Lions Club, and others to keep the membership rolls full. Add to that the financial constraints everyone is facing, and it’s easy to see why finding cost-effective giveaways to attract and recognize new members is more important than ever.

Custom lapel pins are the perfect solution. These gorgeous, jewelry-like creations make members proud to be a part of your organization, and the flexibility of design makes them a go-to option for every occasion.

The Perfect Companion to a Certificate of Membership

There’s no doubt that members value their framed certificates. They hold places of honor in offices and dens, and are proudly pointed out to guests. The trouble is, those beautiful certificates aren’t portable. They’re only seen when visitors arrive.

Here’s an idea: Combine your certificate of membership with a stunning custom lapel pin, and your new member will have a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear and show off everywhere he or she goes. Your pins will be seen around town, becoming instant conversation starters. They’ll let others know about your mission and encourage community members to take part.

From Classic to Whimsical: Designs for Every Occasion

One of the biggest draws of custom lapel pins as giveaways is the nearly endless array of styles available. Die struck pins offer a sophisticated look ideal for formal ceremonies and solemn events. With the feel of fine engraved metal jewelry, they’re perfect for acknowledging long-term service, exceptional leadership, and outstanding community support.

For more lighthearted events, colorful cloisonné or soft enamel allows you to easily recreate logos, mascots, and other designs. These brightly colored pins are just what you need when rewarding top fundraisers and superstar volunteers, or to make a new recruit feel right at home.

You can also mark extra-special events with colored gemstones or even flashing lights for instant eye-catching appeal. Consider using color to designate years of service, for example, or lights to make volunteers easy to spot in a crowd.

How to Design and Order Custom Lapel Pins

Lapel pins couldn’t be easier to create. First, be sure to choose a supplier who offers free design work. They’ll be able to easily match your vision, including designing a replica of your logo or perfectly matching your organization’s color palette. Next, select your style. You’ll want to start with a solid metal base for lasting beauty, then decide whether you prefer bright colors or a more classic look. The best vendors will be able to accommodate either option.

Finally, consider your optional accessories such as attachments and display cases. Depending on the occasion, you may wish to include a custom card or even a velvet box. The more highly valued the pin, the more likely wearers are to want deluxe backing to help keep them secure. Your supplier should be able to help you choose the right combination for your needs.

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