On International Left Handers Day, Celebrate Your Southpaw Customers With Custom Lapel Pins and Other Fun Promotions
By Caryn Smith © 2015, All Rights Reserved

Out of over 300 million people living in America, approximately 15% are left-handed. If you’re a “southpaw,” you know living in a world designed for right-handed people is no easy feat. The simplest of tasks—writing, cutting with scissors, or even putting on a belt—can pose frustrating logistical challenges.

The good news? On August 13, International Left Handers Day, lefties worldwide get a well-deserved moment in the sun. And this is a fantastic opportunity for retailers, too! Recognizing and celebrating your left-handed customers can be a unique and effective way to boost sales, build customer loyalty, and promote your brand. Here are a few ideas to help you get the celebration started:

Offer An Exclusive Southpaw Discount

If a customer swipes their credit card or signs a check with their left hand at the register, give them an automatic 10% discount on their purchase. This strategy has a great surprise factor built in, and will go a long way in building customer goodwill. Sweeten the pot a bit more by handing them a free lapel pin that shows your store loves left-handed customers.

Do Left-hander Shout-Outs on Social Media

Single out your left-handed followers on Facebook and Twitter with a commemorative post honoring the day. You might tickle the ‘ol funny bone with a meme about the woes of being a southpaw—and ask other folks to share their personal “leftie pet peeves.” Then, from the comments, you can draw daily winners of special lapel pins you’ve had customized with your business logo.

Highlight Your Left-Handed Products

Whether you sell left-handed golf clubs, scissors, pens, or notebooks, stocking practical items just for southpaws makes your business truly unique. So get the message out there! In recognition of International Left Hander’s Day, consider setting up a creative in-store display showcasing your leftie products. Or, print a promotional flyer dedicated exclusively to these products. Include a coupon that’s good for a free branded lapel pin when the customer visits your store!

Host “Left Hand Only” Games

Hosting one or two fun, simple games in your store can encourage shoppers to linger longer. One idea is having customers do a left-handed beanbag toss or play darts using their left hand. Then bestow players with a complimentary lapel pin that says “Leftie and Proud” along with your business logo. You could also create a quick trivia quiz and let customers test out their leftie knowledge. Example topic: Famous Left Handers in History (Hint: Musician Phil Collins, President Barack Obama, and actress Demi Moore are all confirmed lefties!)

Engaging your customers with fun, creative promos for International Left Handers Day is a surefire way to make a memorable impression. And when you incorporate custom lapel pins that people can wear when they’re out and about, you help keep your business top of mind with your target market for months to come.

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