Make Your Event Marketing Efforts More Memorable With Custom Lapel Pins
By Caryn Smith © 2015, All Rights Reserved

Your booth signage is ordered, business cards and brochures are printed, and travel arrangements are made. Another season of events is about to begin.

For businesses large and small, warm weather brings with it trade shows, fairs, charity events, and other opportunities to get out and meet customers face to face. Done well, these marketing events can bring much-needed brand awareness and sales. One way to increase their effectiveness? Make an unforgettable impression.

Small Gifts Make A Big Impact

Flashy signs and electronics are ideal for grabbing the attention of passers-by, and they’re an important part of your overall marketing plan. For an impression that lasts, though, small and colorful might be your best choice.

Custom lapel pins combine your brand and message in a beautiful, jewelry-like design that recipients will be proud to wear and show off to their friends long after your event is over. Not only that — quality pins make your business or organization look good everywhere they’re seen. Offer a clever and colorful pin to booth visitors, and everyone they meet in the weeks and months to come will see your brand.

A Style For Every Occasion

As with all your marketing materials, it’s important for your custom lapel pins to match your company’s brand — not only the color and logo, but the overall style as well. Professional service organizations with a long history often find die-struck pins are a good fit. Their polished metal finish and classic look lend an air of sophistication not found in many giveaways.

Fun-loving companies show off their whimsical side with colorful cloisonné pins, perhaps even choosing to add moving elements for extra flair. Theaters, radio stations, concert promoters and other event-oriented businesses love the flexibility offset printing provides.

The shape of your pins tells a story, too. Whether you need to match your logo, create an awareness pin, or immortalize your mascot, it’s possible with a custom-designed lapel pin. Plus, when your pins, logo, and other branding are cohesive and consistent, you’ll create a much more memorable giveaway.

When shopping for lapel pins for your event, keep these tips in mind:

Watch for hidden costs. Some vendors promise low prices only to upcharge for “add-ons” such as faster shipping or design work. Be sure to ask for a complete list of what’s included before placing your order.

Be mindful of shipping times. Pins that arrive after your event can’t help build your brand, so get a clear answer about shipping policies before you buy.

Ask for full-color proofs. It’s important that your pins match your logo or other marketing materials, so you’ll want to approve any designs before giving the go-ahead for manufacturing.

Custom lapel pins are the ideal choice for engaging customers and keeping the buzz going even after your event has passed. And their colorful graphics and clever designs mean they’re perfect conversation starters. They’ll have your fans talking you up for months to come.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.


Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.

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