Low-Cost Employee Recognition Awards Offer Big Returns on Your Investment

By Caryn Smith © 2011, All Rights Reserved

Your employees give you a multitude of reasons to appreciate them every day. They’ve provided years of service, kept your workplace accident free, and helped you gain important industry certifications. They’ve initiated cost-savings plans that contribute to your bottom line, landed new accounts, and given fantastic customer service. Each of these outstanding achievements is a good reason to recognize individuals, departments, or the entire staff.

Of course, economic uncertainty means that for now, raises and bonuses might be out of reach, but your recognition program doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. While you might immediately think of cash when you think of rewarding members of your staff, don’t underestimate the power of an attractive, cleverly designed lapel pin. A thoughtful design combining your logo with your employee’s accomplishment can turn a small gift into something he will treasure for years.

Loyalty is Worth Rewarding

There was a time when a new employee could be expected to stick around for decades, growing with the company and retiring after 30 or even 40 years of service. These days our society is much more mobile, and those long engagements don’t often occur. Rewarding longevity, though, is one way to not only give staff members an incentive to stay, but to improve morale among the workforce.

Even a small token like a sophisticated, quality pin declaring years served is enough to tell your employees that their loyalty has not gone unnoticed. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and valued, making public recognition as important as a raise or a bonus – perhaps even more so.

Great Achievements Call for Great Celebration

Did your company just gain a lucrative new contract or win an important industry award? These accomplishments are not the work of one person, or even a team – they’re only possible through the cooperation of the entire staff. Why not reward them with a special token to commemorate the day?

Lapel pins can be crafted to match nearly any logo, with customized messages including dates, awards, or membership in exclusive groups. For example, a company which recently partnered with an important new customer might give out pins bearing both logos to show the dedication and commitment of everyone in the organization. Not only will your employees feel pride in knowing they contributed to such an important achievement, but your customer will know how much their business is valued.

No Accomplishment is too Small for Recognition

Don’t wait for big things to happen. Reward your employees regularly for even the smallest of achievements. This is a powerful tool that can have long-lasting benefits in terms of loyalty. Consider recognizing those who improve their attendance or cash control, have the best attitude, or who take on added responsibilities without complaint. A simple lapel pin announcing his or her efforts will be a source of pride, not to mention act as an incentive for further improvement.

Custom lapel pins offer the perfect token of appreciation for your employees. They’re affordable while still having the power to impress, plus they show your staff, your customers, and the public that your company cares about its employees. At a time when many companies simply can’t reward employees with larger paychecks, that’s an important message to send.

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