Lapel Pins Make Great “Treats” for Your Business’s Halloween Event
By Caryn Smith (c) 2013, All Rights Reserved

Autumn means plenty of activity for any business. From back-to-school sales to gearing up for the holidays, there’s always something to do, but don’t forget the season’s most entertaining event: Halloween. It’s the perfect opportunity to do something unexpected to promote your brand.

Better Than Candy

If your business or organization hosts a Halloween party, sponsors a parade, or simply enjoys visits from trick-or-treaters on the big day, having treats on hand is a necessity. The problem is, perishable food items don’t make for a lasting marketing message.

This year, instead of just doling out candy, choose a true marketing tool that will help keep your business in the minds of your market for months or years to come. Custom wristbands, key chains, or lapel pins offer the perfect opportunity to provide something of value that current and prospective customers and employees will be proud to wear and display.

Sporting your business name and logo or a memorable tagline, lapel pins and key chains have a higher perceived value than some other giveaways. That means recipients are much more likely to use and wear them.

Plus, for even greater impact, you can easily add a tie-in event. For example, offer a small discount or free gift to everyone who comes to your store on Halloween wearing your pin. You’ll be amazed at the buzz an inexpensive promotion such as this can create.

Embellishments Add Even More Fun

Pins, key chains, and other items come in a variety of styles to match your brand and market, including sophisticated die-struck metal, colorful cloisonné, vibrant soft enamel, and even photo quality offset print. Any style is sure to make a good impression with your customers, but if you really want to catch their attention, special embellishments will do the trick.

Want a floating ghost or a scary monster with glowing eyes? Add-ons such as sliders, danglers, and flashing lights can be used to create magical effects that will wow recipients. You can even add colored gemstones and glitter for more dazzle and shine.

Designing your pins or key chains couldn’t be easier, either. Just be sure to choose a manufacturer that offers free custom design work, so you can be certain your pins are a match for your brand. Shipping is an important consideration as well, especially with a holiday promotion, so don’t forget to check transportation times and rates. Finally, remember that packaging counts. The last thing you want is for your pins to arrive scratched or chipped, so choose a supplier that packages their merchandise in individual bags for better protection.

Planning a Halloween celebration this year? Why not step out of the ordinary and give away “treats” that will not only last for years, but also help build your brand as well? Custom lapel pins, medallions, and key chains all offer a higher perceived value than some other giveaways, and they’re lower in calories, too.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.

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