Lapel Pins: An Affordable Way to Accomplish Your Marketing Goals

By Caryn Smith © 2011, All Rights Reserved

Regardless of what industry you’re in, there are certain marketing goals that are priorities.  If you don’t accomplish the fundamentals, your hope for connecting with customers is all but lost.  Fortunately, little lapel pins give you an affordable way to make a big impact on several levels.

Make an Emotional Connection

Marketing is all about people. Even if your company sells business-to-business, it’s the people at those companies who make the final purchasing decisions.  That’s one reason lapel pins work so well to connect.  Their custom designs can be created to reach any target audience with the precise colors or images that make an instant emotional connection.

For product launches, grand openings, event marketing, charity events and more, a strong link between you and your customers can make or break your campaign.

Reinforce Brand Imaging

Whether you opt for logos, mascots or some other symbol that represents your company, lapel pins can be replicated with exacting detail.  This gives you unlimited flexibility to create highly sought-after pieces that match all your corporate branding images and keep a consistent message before your customers.

Tradeshows, expos, conferences, point of purchase exhibits and others will be more successful with the use of lapel pins.

Increase Curiosity

When people get inquisitive about your company, product or service, it opens a door for communication.  But with so many impressions being forced through our brains every minute of every day, memories can lapse quickly.  A custom lapel pin can function in a dual capacity by (a) helping to attract those who are curious about your offer and (b) reinforcing the message you’ve delivered, so they don’t forget you when it’s time to buy.

Use lapel pins at parades, mobile marketing events, festivals and more and watch the reaction of the crowds.

Differentiate Your Company/Product

Any savvy marketer will tell you that differentiation is the key to greater profits.  If you appear to be the same as every other company in your field, it gives your customers no clear reason to buy from you.  But when you work with a creative and highly experienced lapel pin company to develop custom designs for your marketing events, you can instantly set yourself apart from the crowd in the eyes of your prospects.

While many lapel pin companies offer discounts and certain extras for free, price is the last thing you should base your decision on.  Choose a business with a proven design team that is capable of high levels of creativity and excellence, and can meet or beat those often-pressing marketing deadlines.  You’ll also want to ensure your lapel pins are crafted from quality materials rather than cheap substitutes.  Then you’ll have a powerful combination of affordability, quality and beauty to help you achieve your goals.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need help accomplishing your marketing goals, visit today for lapel pins in just 10 days, guaranteed!

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