Lapel Pins: A Style for Every Occasion

By Caryn Smith © 2011, All Rights Reserved

Corporate events, fundraisers, parties, and other one-time special occasions are fun, but quickly forgotten when they’re over.  Instead of letting those memories fade, help your guests recall the day with a small, custom-designed gift.

Whether you’re looking for a playful pin to commemorate a happy event or a stylish piece to mark a significant accomplishment, there is a lapel pin to match. These versatile gifts are available in a nearly endless array of colors and styles, so the only problem you’ll face is picking just one.

Recognize and Reward Employees or Students

Stylish and timeless, die struck lapel pins are ideal for more formal occasions or attire. These pins are typically created in brass, silver, gold, or copper color for a classic look that goes well with other fine jewelry. Die struck pins have a distinctive engraved appearance well suited to logos and symbols, and may include a colored gemstone.

For employers, die struck pins are perfect as years-of-service awards or achievement incentives. Mark the level of accomplishment by ordering several varieties of metal – silver for 10 years, gold for 20 – or by the inclusion of a small colored stone.

Die struck lapel pins also make great awards in an academic setting. Present scholarship winners with pins to mark their accomplishment, or reward the basketball team for a winning season. With their classic styling, die struck pins are likely to be cherished and worn for years, making them perfectly suited for these important occasions.

Commemorate an Event or Celebrate a Milestone

Finely crafted and brilliantly colored, cloisonné lapel pins certainly make an impression. These pins are instantly recognizable for the way sections of color are outlined in metal, which adds rich detailing and prevents colors from running or smudging. They’re ideal for colored logos or whimsical designs, and can be either serious or fun, depending on your event.

Some ideas for cloisonné pins are to commemorate a milestone in your business, such as number of years in one location, or number of clients served. Perhaps you’ve recently opened a new store in another city and want to make the announcement in a memorable way – cloisonné pins on your employees’ lapels and given to customers make a clear, colorful statement. In addition, if your company or group sponsors fundraising events, cloisonné lapel pins are a nice way to reward participants and get the word out about your cause.

Remember Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Family Reunions

Offset printed lapel pins offer the finest detail available. In fact, they’re often used to replicate a photograph or other printed piece, which makes them perfect for personal events like birthdays and anniversaries.

Milestones are often celebrated with family, but once the party is over there’s little left but memories. At your next big birthday celebration, take a group photo and have it turned into a one-of-a-kind keepsake your family will cherish. For anniversary parties, turn a wedding photo of the happy couple into a lapel pin and you’ll have a beautiful giveaway everyone will enjoy. At family reunions, an old photo of great-grandma and great-grandpa printed on a pin and marked with the reunion year makes a special gift for everyone.

Lapel pins are available in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit every occasion, whether you’re celebrating with just a few people or several thousand. For best results, partner with a lapel pin manufacturer who offers quality workmanship, free designs and molds, and quick turnaround. Use your imagination, consult with your supplier’s design team, and you’ll have a memorable, quality pin to mark your special event.

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