Lapel Pin Souvenirs Offer Big Benefits for Community Theater Productions
By Caryn Smith (c) 2013, All Rights Reserved

Trying to raise the money to fund this season’s community theater project? Not sure how you’re going to pay for the set props for your upcoming high-school play? You’re not alone. More and more art and theater program managers are finding ticket sales and donations simply aren’t enough to keep Dorothy’s ruby slippers shining.

Imagine though, if you could create a stunning, sought-after souvenir that would help bring in some much-needed cash. What’s more, this token would also act as an uncommon advertising piece to help sell more tickets. That’s just what lapel pins can do for your next event.

Beautiful Designs at an Affordable Price

Offset printing on custom lapel pins allows near-perfect replication of your photos, posters, or handbills. Vibrant colors and fine detailing mean every pin is a stunning piece of memorabilia your fans will be thrilled to show off. Not only that, but titles and dates are clearly visible as well, and since each pin is coated with a protective layer of clear epoxy, the beauty will last for years.

Other options include the classic look of cloisonné or die struck in brass, gold, or silver finish, which has the sophistication you’d expect from fine jewelry. Consider offering a variety of styles, so buyers can choose the one that suits their personality best.

Generate buzz and raise funds when you pre-sell your custom pins before the big show. It’s a great way to announce the date for a single show, not to mention stirring up interest when others see your pin proudly displayed on jackets, hats, and even purses. You could even use the pins themselves as tickets to the event – anyone wearing one at the door is admitted.

Custom lapel pins have another advantage as well. Quality materials and all-metal construction give them an expensive, sophisticated look, while remaining incredibly cost effective. In fact, for just a few dollars, you can design a one-of-a-kind souvenir your audience and fans will wear or display with pride.

Instant Collectors’ Items

What makes lapel pins ideal for fundraising is their appeal to collectors. The limited availability and low price make it easy to encourage buyers to snap them up, and future editions will be on everyone’s must-have list. That makes ongoing fundraising less stressful.

Ordering custom lapel pins is easy, too. Just be sure to choose a vendor that offers free design work (so there are no hidden costs), custom color matching, and fast shipping. The manufacturer should be able to help you create a stunning pin that perfectly matches your vision and that will get people excited about your upcoming show. Finally, check their shipping policy so you’ll know your pins will arrive on time.

If you’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to raise funds for your project, consider adding custom lapel pins to your repertoire. Sophisticated styling combined with low cost means you’ll love ordering them nearly as much as your fans will enjoy collecting them.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need lapel pins, visit today.

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