Holiday-Themed Custom Lapel Pins Make Your Independence Day Celebration a Hit
By Caryn Smith (c) 2013, All Rights Reserved

For many businesses, holiday celebrations are at the heart of the marketing calendar. Christmas sales can mean the difference between a good year or bad for a retailer, while Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are critical to a florist.

But don’t overlook Independence Day. Camping and parades and family gatherings are the perfect opportunities to get the message out about your business, whether you’re in retail, service, or even manufacturing.

Get Creative with Custom Lapel Pins

Retailers – Lapel pins are a unique bonus offer to improve holiday sales. Whether you’re selling grilling equipment just in time for summer barbecue season or offering discounted rates on a golf vacation package, a small gift, such as a custom lapel pin, can seal the deal.

Service industries – Want to spread the word about your business? Join in the local Independence Day celebration and provide custom lapel pins bearing your logo to parade watchers and others. An attractive metal pin is far more likely to be kept (and displayed) than a flier or other advertising, which means that recipients will remember you long after the holiday is past.

No matter what type of business you’re in, offering an incentive can help keep your promotion alive for months to come. Consider giving a discount to return customers who wear your pin into the store on subsequent visits. You could also plan a “refer a friend” promotion and give each customer two pins – one to wear and one to give to an acquaintance.

And don’t forget about your employees. They’re what make your business a success, and Independence Day is the perfect opportunity to host an employee appreciation party. Invite your staff and their families out for a picnic. Provide a small goodie bag with coupons for restaurants, tickets to a local theme park, and a custom lapel pin to commemorate the occasion.

You might even create special pins for long-term employees, celebrating years of service or other milestones. Adding colored gemstones, danglers, or other effects to your original pin design lets everyone know that this pin – and the person wearing it – is special.

Also, consider including the year in your pin’s design. Employees and others will look forward to each year’s design and will enjoy displaying their growing collection. The tangible connection to your company builds loyalty, improves customer service, and even helps recruit new employees who want to be a member of such a solid team.

Holiday Designs Become Instant Collector’s Items

Custom lapel pins with your company logo or slogan will certainly get some attention. Recipients consider them to be jewelry and will wear and display them for years to come. But if you add a bit of holiday whimsy, your lapel pin is suddenly a highly sought after collector’s item.

A burst of colorful fireworks above your company logo instantly connects your pin to this favorite summer holiday. For even more pizzazz, add blinking lights or colored stones and watch your recipients’ eyes light up as they show off their new pin.

When you order your pins, look for a supplier who offers custom design work and color matching. For best results and lasting beauty, manufacturers should use only quality metal backings. Finally, timing is everything, so choose a vendor that offers fast shipping, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the fun this Independence Day.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins visit today.

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