Get Better Results from Your Marketing Calendar when You Add Affordable Giveaways

By Caryn Smith (c) 2013, All Rights Reserved

Quarterly sales, press releases, and plans for display ads probably make up the bulk of your marketing calendar. While these are all important elements that do increase sales, do any of them really make your brand more memorable to your ideal customer?
For long-lasting impressions, consider including a few pieces that will endure even after your promotion is over. A small, inexpensive giveaway item is just the thing to help customers remember – and recommend – your products and services, even after that holiday sale is done.

A Marketing Message Your Customers Can Wear

Sales and promotions really stand out when you offer a small gift to customers. Consider a stylish lapel pin bearing your logo to accompany your big anniversary sale, or a fun photo pin featuring your staff for customer appreciation day. Annual events are perfect for pairing up with a series of pins your customers will collect over the years.

Tying two promotions together with a single pin makes it more likely they’ll be worn and displayed. For example, you might sponsor a charity event and offer pins to participants. Make sure you let them know that any time they wear the pin to your store, they’ll receive a discount, and suddenly you’ll be seeing your pins – and your brand – all over town. Not only that, but also other customers will be asking how they can get their own pin.

Another idea might be to host a VIP day for your most valued customers. Perfect for hair salons, spas, and other personal service-type businesses, a VIP day makes your customers feel special. Kick off the event with a top-quality lapel pin proclaiming the status of your guests, and they’ll proudly wear your pin for years to come.

Uniqueness Creates Instant Buzz

Want to really draw attention? Include an eye-catching design element in your pin. Colored lights, moving parts, danglers, and other unusual details make your pins stand out wherever they’re seen.

For big anniversaries, such as your 100th year in business, a miniature fireworks display with flashing lights is just the thing to make a memorable pin. Sliding and spinning elements really draw attention, and are ideal for illustrating a fun aspect of your business, or even a service professional’s expertise in repairs.

Don’t forget color and design, though. A simple pin with your logo helps solidify your brand and creates instant name recognition. Your pin manufacturer should be able to exactly match your brand’s colors and to provide a replica of your logo perfectly suited for reproducing on a lapel pin.

Lapel pins come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so designing one to match your marketing events is easy. Whether it’s a logo, photo, mascot, or other recognizable element, you’ll find a lapel pin to match your needs. Quality materials and manufacturing make for a pin that will be worn and cherished for years – and which will help keep your brand in the minds of your customers long after the event is over.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins visit today.

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