Generate A Buzz About Your Veterinary Practice With Custom Lapel Pins & Other Giveaways
By Caryn Smith © 2015, All Rights Reserved

Building customer awareness and trust is at the heart of any successful veterinary practice. Whether you’ve just opened up a new clinic or you’re looking to strengthen your client base, incorporating custom lapel pins and other branded products into your marketing strategy can bring you truly paw-sitive results over time!

Why are promotional products a great tactic for vet practices?

  • Increase brand recognition through repeat exposure. When your branded product is worn or displayed by customers in the community, your veterinary practice gets valuable advertising around the clock.
  • Reach more prospective customers for less. Products such as lapel pins can make a large, lasting impact for your clinic. And their small price tag allows you to give them away freely to the masses without straining your budget.
  • Enhance customer loyalty. Receiving high quality, practical “gifts” makes your customers feel appreciated. So when that fancy new vet clinic opens up down the street, clients are more likely to stick with you.
  • Reinforce timely vet care. Vet visits can sometimes fall to the bottom of the priority list when life gets busy. But with your branded tokens in plain sight, customers are more likely to remember to schedule those appointments.

Here are some fun, cost-effective ways to showcase your commitment to healthy pets using lapel pins and other promotional items.

“Congratulations on Your New Pet” Goodie Bags. Who doesn’t love a goodie bag? Surprise new puppy and kitten owners at their first visit with a plastic bag filled with valuable coupons, food and treat samples, and other pet-oriented delights. You can even include a colorful, eye-catching lapel pin customers can wear to demonstrate their love for their furry companion. Ideas: “I love my dog/cat,” “Cats rule,” or “Have you hugged your canine today?”

Social media contests. Chances are the majority of your current and prospective customers spend time on social media sites like Facebook. Spice up your page with engagement posts that spur customer interaction and encourage shares. Questions like, “What’s the craziest stunt your pet has ever pulled?” or “Does your pet have an unusual name? Share it here along with the story behind it!” are sure to evoke a good response. Draw weekly winners from the comments and reward them with a colorful custom lanyard imprinted with your practice name and logo.

Adoption drive giveaways. Demonstrate your support for local shelters by sponsoring a pet adoption drive. Consider giving people who sign up to adopt a shelter dog or cat a generous discount on their first vet visit—plus a free silicone wristband emblazoned with your practice name and telephone number. Our top-quality wristbands come in an exciting array of styles and colors and are truly a step above cheap rubber bracelets!

Recognize longstanding customers. Loyal customers are hard to come by these days. When your customers reach their 3- or 5-year anniversary with your vet practice, express your gratitude with a custom imprinted key chain featuring your brand and contact information.

With a bit of creativity, inexpensive branded products can bring a generous return on your investment and make your vet clinic the talk of the town!

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.

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