Foster Corporate Team Spirit with Custom Challenge Coins

By Caryn Smith (c) 2014, All Rights Reserved

Higher sales, better customer satisfaction ratings, and even bigger profit margins all rely on you building a solid team. But it can be tough to get individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds to work well together, and even harder to get teams to cooperate with one another. Too often, they see themselves not as a critical part of the whole organization, but as a separate group whose job is made more difficult by other departments.

Since WWI, challenge coins have been used as a tangible symbol of belonging, of being a part of the team. Today, they’re often given in celebration of an achievement or to commemorate an anniversary or event. For your sales, operations, customer service departments, and more, challenge coins offer a chance to foster team spirit and improve efforts through friendly competition.

Start a Tradition

Add a little fun to the workday by creating a tradition around your challenge coins. By some accounts, the early popularity of challenge coins revolved around regimen members “challenging” one another to show their coins on demand. If a member was unable to produce his coin, he had to perform some act of service to the challenger.

You can put this tradition to work in your office by encouraging staff to always carry their coins. When another team member asks to see the coin, the person who can’t produce his or her coin might have to buy lunch or make coffee or do some other small task. It’s all in good fun, but it helps team members to bond over a ritual only an “insider” would understand.

If you’re looking to encourage improvement in any department, a little good-natured competition can help. Have a ready supply of challenge coins on hand, and whenever you witness an act of extraordinary service, a great sales presentation, or a cost-saving method in action, offer a coin to the person responsible. Each quarter, reward the team that collected the most coins with free lunch, tickets to a show, or other fun perks. The rivalry will help motivate everyone to do his or her best work.

Creating Your Challenge Coins

Flexible design options mean your coins have the exact look and feel you want. Match your company logo, create a mission statement, or include relevant symbols to ensure your coins are meaningful to your team. Simple one-sided coins can make a powerful statement, but for an even better impression, choose a colorful, two-sided challenge coin.

You don’t have to be an artist to get the look just right though. When choosing a vendor, be sure to ask about free design options and color matching. Top suppliers will be happy to work with you to ensure your coins exceed your expectation. Remember to ask about other important aspects as well, such as shipping time, mold fees, and color limitations. Reliable manufacturers will never hit you with hidden charges.

Need a new way to encourage your team or reward them for a job well done? Order custom challenge coins today. The unusual nature and unique design mean your staff will be proud to carry and show them off, and your coins will serve as a constant reminder of your appreciation of their efforts.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom challenge coins, visit today.

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