Discover the 3 A’s of Smart Marketing with Custom Lapel Pins

By Caryn Smith © 2011, All Rights Reserved

When it comes to marketing in this economy, most companies are looking for promotional items that meet three criteria.  In order to work well when attracting new customers (without blowing the budget), the promotional product must be affordable, attractive and an attention getter.

In this day and time, it just won’t do to waste money on marketing efforts that don’t produce results.  As savvy marketing and promotions managers are fully aware, you have to invest in multitasking tools that can increase traffic/exposure and conversions.

Lapel pins are the perfect fit.

With intricate detail, PMS-matched colors and innovative designs, lapel pins created by an experienced company with a talented staff can:

  • express good will
  • show appreciation
  • help launch new products or store locations
  • bring in new clients
  • remind customers to purchase from you later on
  • and much more

Add to that the three “A’s” of smart marketing and you have a real value for your promotional dollars. Lapel pins are…


While cost depends on the size and the quantity you order (and a few other factors), even the most expensive lapel pins are a real deal compared to many other promotional items.  Better pin companies offer exceptional bargains by offering free design, free shipping, free color and much more.

But freebies aren’t everything.  The true worth comes from receiving a quality product that has a high-perceived value.  There’s little merit in getting an order of pins that isn’t what you expected or having to put up with poor service throughout the process.  Choose the company you work with carefully for best results.


Have you heard the saying, “We eat first with our eyes?”  Something similar happens in marketing.  Generally speaking, people don’t want anything that they consider to be ugly.  Even if it’s free, prospects at a tradeshow might take your lapel pin, but it will likely end up in the trash bin if the design is lacking in appeal.

That’s why lapel pin companies hire in-house designers.  By working with combinations of colors, sizes and shapes, they craft gorgeous pieces that are perceived as jewelry.  Whether you choose to replicate your logo, mascot or product, you’ll quickly see the delight in your prospects’ eyes as you hand them a custom lapel pin they will be proud to wear.

Attention Getters

In this world of mass marketing, we all receive more input and advertising stimuli than we can possibly process.  This is why your lapel pins must attract attention.  In addition to the beautiful design elements, you can opt for adding all manner of other add-ons including spinners, danglers, gemstones and more.

Review your marketing plan and promotional budget.  Then look for affordable, attractive, attention-getting lapel pins that can help you accomplish your goals.  You’ll be amazed at just how far your advertising dollars will stretch and the results you’ll receive.  Lapel pins are truly an investment with a powerful return.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins visit today and get your order in just 10 days, guaranteed!

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