Custom Key Chains: A Clever “Stay Safe” Reminder For All
By Caryn Smith © 2015, All Rights Reserved

Ask any parent of a newly licensed driver and they’ll tell you a tale of woe with the insurance company playing the part of the bad guy.

It’s true. Teen drivers are costlier to insure. After all, they’re inexperienced behind the wheel and are often more easily distracted. They haven’t yet learned all the tips and tricks that make their parents and other older drivers safer on the road.

And that’s a great opportunity for insurance companies to be seen not as the villain, but rather as a partner in helping keep everyone safe.

New Driver Welcome Packet

If there’s one thing that’s more important to a teenager than his driver’s license, it’s that shiny new set of keys that goes with it. Recognize this important milestone with a custom key chain featuring your logo and office or emergency number. Your contact information will always be close at hand, and you’ll be the first one they think of when it’s time to increase their coverage.

Because they’re small and lightweight, key chains are easy to tuck inside a card for mailing. Add your top 10 tips for safe driving and include a business card, and your gift will be an instant hit, not only with the teen but with his or her parents as well.

Good Driver Rewards

Don’t stop with safe driving tips, though. Let your youngest clients know they’re doing a great job with a custom key chain commemorating their good driving habits. They (and their parents) will appreciate it when you notice a year or two free of accidents and tickets.

A colorful key chain bearing your logo and an inspirational message will not only encourage young drivers to keep up the good work, but will serve as a reminder to others as well. Consider different styles for each year of safety: bronze colored for the first year, silver for year two, and gold for year three. Drivers who collect all three are eligible for a safe driving discount.

Here’s another benefit: Key chains with the look and feel of fine jewelry are more likely to be kept and used than other similar gifts. Years from now, you’ll find happy customers still keeping their keys organized, thanks to your key chain. Best of all, their friends and family will see it too, and added brand exposure is always helpful.

Ordering custom key chains is easy as well. First, choose a vendor who offers free design work and setup, so you know there won’t be any hidden costs. Be sure to ask about shipping times as well, and remember the packaging. The last thing you want is chipped key chains due to poor packaging. Finally, get a digital proof to ensure your logo will look its best.

Custom key chains give you the opportunity to reach out to new drivers and their parents with useful gifts and practical advice. Not only that, but it’s your chance to turn customers into fans, and fans into lifelong clients.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom key chains, visit today.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins.
When you need custom key chains, visit today.

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