Custom Fraternity and Sorority Pins Serve Many Functions
By Caryn Smith © 2010, All Rights Reserved

Want to get the most out of your college years? Join the Greeks. For more than a century, fraternities and sororities have made the college experience better for millions of students. Greek organizations help members develop a strong sense of self, encourage philanthropy, and promote academic excellence.

One way these student groups foster community spirit is through traditional accessories like fraternity pins. Since their inception, fraternities and sororities have used unique pins to identify their members. Students and alumni feel a sense of pride at being a part of an exclusive group, and are happy to share their affiliation with the world. These sleek, attractive pins clearly identify members of each organization or chapter.

Solidarity and Pride of Ownership

Today’s fraternities and sororities are involved not only in their schools, but in the community. Members are more likely to graduate, typically have higher grade point averages, and spend a great deal of time in philanthropic efforts. The Greeks represent the best a college or university has to offer, and being included in such a group is an honor. Wearing a fraternity or sorority pin is a statement of pride in being part of a worthy institution.

That sense of brotherhood (or sisterhood) begins early and lasts a lifetime. Pins are often given to pledges during rush week as a token of welcome. Members proudly wear their pins at every group event, including formal dances and religious ceremonies. In addition, mounted and framed pins are suitable for display long after graduation.

Commemorate Charitable Work with Custom Pins

Nationally, fraternities and sororities raise millions of dollars every year for charity, scholarships, and educational equipment, and pins are a part of that effort. Since each chapter has its own favorite charity, consider ordering custom pins to wear for this year’s big fundraiser. Profits from the pin sales contribute to the overall efforts, while allowing members to show their support for a good cause.

Make it Unique

There are as many varieties of fraternity and sorority pins as there are college campuses, so let your imagination run wild when designing a pin for your group. School colors and Greek letters are just the beginning. Quality pins can be made in nearly any shape, so state schools gain immediate recognition when they incorporate the outline of the state in their pin design. Interesting or popular mascots are a good choice as well.

To really make your pin stand out, consider adding a few eye-catching elements, such as small danglers or glitter. Miniature footballs, musical notes, or religious symbols help capture the spirit of your organization. For special occasion pins, even more bling is available. Tiny gemstones and flashing lights will make your pin truly memorable, and help your group gain awareness.

With a little creativity, pins become a unique reminder of everything your organization stands for, and will quickly let others know of your affiliation. Whether your members wear or display their pins, they are a constant reminder of the support and camaraderie afforded to everyone within the group.

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