Create a Memorable Christmas Marketing Plan with Custom Key Chains
By Caryn Smith (c) 2013, All Rights Reserved

Christmas carols play on the radio, tinsel is draped over the cash registers, and Santa and his elves have created a winter wonderland in the mall food court. The holidays have arrived, and all that remains is for you to create an unforgettable marketing event to bring customers in.

If it feels as if everything has been done before, and there’s nothing new and exciting to try, then consider spreading some Christmas cheer by giving each customer a small gift, such as a custom key chain. You’ll be surprised at the response – not to mention the long-lasting results.

Better Brand Visibility

Even a small, inexpensive gift can make a great impression. Because it’s unexpected, customers will talk you up to their friends and colleagues, showing off their new key chain to boot. Suddenly, your name and logo will be everywhere.

But, here’s the best part: The branding power goes on and on. These useful, always-on-hand items act as a constant reminder of your store. Each and every time your customer drives to work, arrives home, or runs the kids to football practice, he’ll see your store name and logo.

When it comes to making an impression, custom key chains are the perfect solution. A wide variety of styles and options means your key chain can be designed to replicate your logo, include a slogan or tagline, or feature a whimsical Santa. Whatever your business style, you’ll find a key chain to match.

Bring Customers Back with VIP Rewards

The promotions don’t end when the holiday season is over, either. With a little planning, you can turn your custom key chains into repeat sales all year long. Imagine hosting a Christmas in July sale – something retailers have been doing for years – with the added bonus of extra goodies for those who arrive with their key chain in hand. It’s an easy promotion for customers to take advantage of, and will encourage buying from you even when other alternatives exist.

Perhaps best of all, though, you’ll have customers who missed out on your Christmas giveaway asking how they can get their own VIP key chain. Remember to stock up for the next holiday season. In fact, you might even consider starting an annual tradition. Not only will you make customers happy, but also you’ll grab the attention of collectors who may just become regular shoppers.

Designing and ordering your key chains won’t break the bank either. Look for a manufacturer that offers free artwork and that can help you envision your design. They should be able to match your color scheme as well, so your logo will look great. Finally, choose a vendor that can provide a fast turnaround. Holiday-themed key chains that arrive in January are no bargain.

Make a big impression this holiday season when you gift your customers with a top-quality custom key chain. The inexpensive price will be a hit with your accountant, while the beautiful styling and premium look will make customers feel special.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom key chains visit today.

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