Create a More Successful Fundraiser with Custom Lapel Pins
By Caryn Smith (c) 2013 All Rights Reserved

It seems to get tougher every year. Finding new promotional items to excite your audience is a challenge in itself, but if you’re also trying to increase your profit margins, you might find yourself stuck. The easy solution is to partner with a fundraising company that handles all of the details – but you pay for that convenience with loss of control over your pricing and profits.

A better idea? Purchase your fundraising materials outright so you can have complete control over the entire process, while still offering desirable items your buyers will appreciate. It’s easier (and more affordable) than you think.

Stylish Pins Tell a Story

Candles, cookie dough, candy, and other perishables are popular choices for fundraising. The only trouble is, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Why not choose an item that will not only last for years, but also offers buyers a memory? Lapel pins are the perfect choice.

If you’re raising funds for new athletic equipment or to pay for the senior trip, a pin featuring your school’s mascot will make buyers feel as if they’re a part of your victory. Include the year, your class motto, or other details to make your pin an instant collector’s item.

Special events from the past year can be remembered with photographs reproduced in offset printed lapel pins. They’re perfect for drama-club production posters, team photos, or any other image requiring a wide range of colors and detail.
For charity fundraisers, consider a stylized awareness ribbon to represent your cause. The instantly recognizable ribbon shape lends itself to a variety of formats, and pin designers can easily add elements such as logos, dates, and even short phrases to make your pin truly memorable.

There’s no need to settle for just one single style though. Give buyers several options to encourage more sales. Booster club fundraisers would benefit from a pin for each team, while charity events might offer different pins for varying levels of donation.

Total Pricing Freedom

You know your customers best – what they want and how much they’re willing to spend. When you buy your fundraising items outright, you have complete control over your pricing and profit margins, which allows you to better plan your fundraiser.
Depending on the style and accessories you choose, custom lapel pins can be one of the most affordable fundraising options available, often costing less than a dollar per pin. And of course, you can choose a variety of pins at different price points to offer something for everyone in your audience.

Ordering lapel pins for your fundraiser couldn’t be easier. Look for a supplier who offers custom color matching, so your logo, mascot, or other design elements are a perfect match. Also, you’ll want a variety of options for jazzing up your pins, such as colored gemstones, flashing lights, and bobbles. Don’t forget the quality upgrades, as well: jewelry-grade clasps and enhanced packaging add value and encourage more sales. Finally, be sure to choose a manufacturer that offers quick shipping, so you’ll never miss a deadline. You’ll build a better, more profitable fundraiser with quality pins from a responsive, reputable supplier.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins visit today.

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