Create a Buzz Around Your Next Product Launch with Custom Lapel Pins
By Caryn Smith (c) 2013, All Rights Reserved

You’ve got all the pieces in place for your big launch: press releases written, social media pages ready to roll, and point-of-purchase displays on order. Now it’s time to get people talking. Doing so in advance of your launch will help ensure you meet your sales goals. The only question is – how?

Create a Long-Lasting Impression

Every launch has a lifespan. Everyone will be talking about your new book or movie for a few weeks, before something else pulls the attention away from you.

You can keep that attention – and even create a bigger buzz – by adding an unexpected element to your marketing plan. Custom lapel pins provide a way for your brand to reach more people for a longer time period, and since they’re so affordable, you can easily reach thousands of potential buyers even on a small budget.

Lapel pins are perfect for giving away during:

  • Press conferences
  • Screenings
  • Speaking engagements

You might also use your pin as a promotional tie-in with a chain restaurant or convenience store. Offer the first 1,000 customers a limited-edition pin with the purchase of coffee, soda, or a sandwich. Not only will collectors be lining up to buy, but also the advertising momentum you gain will carry on long after the promotion ends.

Pre-order Bonuses Drive Sales

How can you entice a person to buy something that’s not yet been produced? Offer a great incentive. Collectible lapel pins are often highly sought after by book and movie fans, so including one with pre-orders virtually guarantees sales.

Best of all, when sales are up even before your launch, word will quickly spread. Social proof is powerful, and the higher your sales, the bigger the buzz. It’s a marketing plan that feeds on itself, and you can help it along just by offering a small token to a select few who order early.

Choosing the Right Pin Style for Your Launch

Whether you’re publishing a book, rolling out a new – or redesigned – product, or releasing a summer blockbuster, custom lapel pins can keep you in the minds of your audience. Not only that, but conversations that start as a result of your pins being on display will also help spread your story.

Lapel pins are easily crafted to match your brand or message. Offset printing lets you perfectly recreate movie posters, book covers, and even photos. Protective epoxy helps keep your image bright and crisp for many years. For powerful brand recognition, choose soft enamel or cloisonné to perfectly match your company’s logo. Or opt for the look and feel of fine jewelry. Die-struck pins offer a sophisticated style to appeal to a discerning audience.

Buying custom lapel pins is as easy as ordering takeout. Just be sure you choose a vendor who offers free design assistance, custom color matching, and who uses only top quality materials. Your pins will help form a lasting impression of your brand with everyone who receives one, so you want to ensure your pins will retain their appearance and value for years to come.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins visit today.

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