Choosing Lapel Pins for Every Occasion

by Caryn Smith © 2007-2008

Customization opens the door to endless possibilities. This is especially true when it comes to lapel pins. So with literally endless design options available, how can you select the right pin for your occasion or event? Here are some helpful tips and design suggestions from our most popular sellers.

Sports Trading Pins

Athletes love to pull out all the stops with energetic, eye-catching sports trading pins. Because they are frequently handled and experience a lot of wear, Cloisonne is our first recommendation for sports pins. The hard enamel allows for any and all colors you choose to come through in their truest shades. Because they are fired at 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit, the enamel sets fast making them of the highest quality.

Unusual and distinctive are two words that should describe your trading pins. The larger the size, the wilder the shape and the more accessories you add, the more popular the pins seem to become. If you are aiming to create a highly sought after sports trading pin, push the limits and go for something truly attention-grabbing.

Club or Organization Pins

Depending on the nature of your club or organization, lapel pins can take on a colorful, elegant or whimsical style. If you participate in a Red Hat Club, for instance, a pin with bright shades of red and purple in any number of fanciful designs can show your flare for life. Garden club lapel pins can display a wonderful array of flowers as well as listing the designations of the members, including Master Gardener.

If you have a photo you want used in your design, photo etched lapel pins would be the perfect choice. This type of pin is excellent for complex designs that have a lot of detail.

Years of Service / Employee Recognition

Those who have served a company or organization well for a number of years deserve recognition and respect. In these instances, handsome and classically styled lapel pins are in order. Typically, most years-of-service pins are die struck.

A solid color (either iron, brass or copper), die struck lapel pins are cut from a solid sheet of metal then stamped to reveal the design. They are then plated with gold, silver or black nickel to give an heirloom appearance.

Regardless of what reason you have for creating custom lapel pins, you’ll find there’s a best-suited type for every one. Trust the design talents of professionals to craft pins that truly fit the colors, style and purpose of your occasion.




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