Celebrate Labor Day in Style with Custom Lapel Pins for Employees and Guests
By Caryn Smith (c) 2013, All Rights Reserved

On Tuesday, September 5, 1882, the Central Labor Union in New York City hosted its first Labor Day holiday. Designed to bring awareness to the social and economic advances of America’s work force, Labor Day was an instant success. Today, we celebrate our workers with three days of picnics, camping, and other summer activities, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity for businesses to increase sales and foster brand loyalty with a Labor Day marketing plan.

Let Them Know They Matter

The true spirit of Labor Day is about recognizing the workers who make your organization shine. Whether that’s the labor union that keeps your manufacturing facility running smoothly or the office workers who wrestle reams of paper and field phone calls, they deserve recognition on this day.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your employees feel special, though. Oftentimes, a small gift is all it takes to let them know you appreciate their years of service. Custom lapel pins are ideal for showing you care about them without breaking the bank.

Your logo on a pin alongside the local union brand leaves no doubt about their contribution to your success, and encourages teamwork and loyalty, sometimes far better than money or other gifts will. Not only that, but, like any fine piece of jewelry, workers will also proudly wear and display their pins, letting everyone know your business cares about its employees.

For long-term employees or others whose skills and expertise contribute to your bottom line, consider specially crafted pins to stand out among the rest. A simple colored gemstone or slightly different design makes these star employees feel special, and helps ensure their continued loyalty.

Support Your Favorite Charity

Long weekends such as Labor Day are frequently chosen for charity events. If your favorite cause is hosting a marathon, cookout, or other fundraiser, it’s a great time to show your support with custom lapel pins created just for the occasion.

Participants in charity events often receive a “goody bag” of donated items, so getting your pins into the hands of those involved is easy. Unlike other promotional items, though, the style and quality of custom lapel pins virtually ensure they’ll be kept and displayed for years to come, giving them long-lasting value for your marketing dollar.

Your brand or logo, the name of the event, and the date are enough to make these custom pins an instant collectors’ item, making them even more likely to find a permanent place for display. You might also choose to reward the winners, top fundraisers, or other deserving participants with specially designed pins. Changing the color or design slightly can make their pins stand out and create a sense of pride, ensuring the recipient will wear his or her pin for a long time to come.

Ordering custom pins for Labor Day is easy. First, be sure to select a vendor that offers design help and custom color matching, so you won’t have to worry about getting your logo right. Make sure they use only the finest quality materials, because you want your pins to last. Finally, check their turnaround time and shipping policies. Pins celebrating Labor Day won’t be as appreciated if they arrive on Halloween, so fast delivery is a must.

Custom lapel pins come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, so they’re perfect for celebrating any holiday or special event. And because they’re cost-effective, you can afford to let each and every one of your employees know just how much they mean to you.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins visit http://www.signaturepins.com/custom.html/ today.

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