Gemstone Die Struck Lapel Pins Give Added Depth & Beauty

By Caryn Smith © 2010, All Rights Reserved

Handsome. Traditional. Classic. For decades, die struck lapel pins have been the symbol of legacy and heritage making them popular as award and service pins as well as commencement pins for academic institutions. But now die struck pins have a new look that brings a whole other dimension to these time-honored symbols.

When you prefer a more modern look, adding simulated gemstones to a traditional die struck design is just the ticket. Just a touch of color brightens up the otherwise two-tone appearance and draws attention quickly to areas and/or information of importance.

Using Gemstones in Die Struck Lapel Pin Designs

When you work with a creative and talented lapel pin company, you’ll have virtually unlimited ideas for incorporating gemstones into your design. For instance, make a faux jewel the centerpiece of your logo, directing all eyes to your brand.

You can include several gemstones in the same color or a variety of different colors across the top of your pin for added flair. It’s even possible to use gemstones as the eye of a face or to create a glow for a candle, lamp or lighthouse within your pin design.

Simulated Stones Are an Affordable Addition

Because the gemstones used in lapel pins are imitation, they keep costs much more affordable then genuine jewels. Available in over a dozen colors from better lapel pin companies, you can coordinate the shades of your gems with your company or school color scheme for enhanced branding. And since these stones are adhered to the pins permanently, they stay affixed even with continuous wear.

Be Creative: Coordinate Colors

It’s easy to be creative with years-of-service or award pins. Design an incentive program where employees are rewarded with pins bearing different colored gems. As they progress through the sales or training program, they upgrade from red (for example) at phase one to a diamond-like, clear stone at final phase. Others will quickly begin to recognize those who make it to the top and will covet the pins of others until they earn their own.

The design of your pin and the gems you choose will vary greatly depending on the purpose and size of the pin. Whether you choose to use elegant gemstone pins within your organization or give them as gifts to clients or members, you’ll find they make a big impression.

Adding a simple gem can drastically transform and improve the appearance of your lapel pin. Whether you have ideas of your own or need direction, find a reputable lapel pin manufacturer who is capable and willing to work with you to create a unique piece that will help accomplish your goals.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Lapel Pins R Us. When you need gemstone die struck lapel pins visit today and get your order in just 10 days or less… guaranteed!

Caryn Smith is Manager of Lapel Pins R Us. When you need gemstone die struck lapel pins visit today and get your order in just 10 days or less… guaranteed!

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