Top 2 Lapel Pin Choices

by Caryn Smith © 2007

Lapel pins are highly versatile and offer a great deal of selection when it comes to design, color, style and size. So how do you know which one(s) are right for your project? Let me share the top 3 lapel pin choices and what makes each such a wonderful option.

#1 Cloisonné Lapel Pins for Corporate Use


The cream of the crop: cloisonné lapel pins are an exceptional choice for corporate use and presentation purposes. With a jewelry-like appearance, cloisonné pins have a high-perceived value so they make a phenomenal impression on all who wear them. Attention to detail, including colors which are individually fired at high temperatures to avoid bleeding, make these lapel pins the optimal choice for intricate designs that use many colors because they offer crisp, clear text and defined design elements.

#2 Soft Enamel Is Exceptional for Trading Pins


If sports is your thing, our favorite recommendation is soft enamel. Contrary to their name, durability is a primary feature of these pins. Baseball trading pins and other sports pins require sturdiness so they can last for years to come. With a tough iron or copper base, soft enamel pins hold design element well and allow for individually filled colors. In addition, soft enamel lapel pins work well with options and add-ons including danglers, bobble heads, spinners and sliders. Of course, soft enamel pins are an excellent choice for other applications due to their affordability.

#3 Die Struck Is Best for Military Use


Dies struck lapel pins are often described as having an heirloom quality. These metal-on-metal pins are a favorite of the military because they look wonderful with all types of uniforms. Starting with a base of iron, brass or copper and using no colors, die struck lapel pins are stamped with the design then plated, which brings out an embossed-type appearance. The raised surfaces are polished while the recessed areas retain their sandblasted look. Also used frequently for years of service awards and other honors, die struck pins are a wonderful choice for any pins that need to portray legendary qualities.

Does this mean there are no options for those who need lapel pins that are not for corporate, sports or military use? Certainly not! These top 3 lapel pin types are also excellent for other purposes. In addition, offset-printed, photo-etched and silk-screened lapel pins are also available giving even more options. Whatever your project, there’s a lapel pin type that’s best suited for your needs.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need attractive,memorable lapel pins visit today for custom lapel pins in just 10 days, guaranteed!


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