Keep Important Documents Secure with Lanyards
By Caryn Smith © 2010, All Rights Reserved

It’s commonplace in the business world to require employees (and visitors) to wear name badges while at work. It improves security, cuts down on corporate espionage, and can even lower liability insurance rates by helping to restrict access to dangerous areas. Designing badges that work for every situation is a challenge, but using a lanyard can answer a lot of concerns your employees and visitors have.

Easy on Clothes, Hard to Lose

Unlike pins or clips, a name badge attached to a lanyard is easy for nearly everyone to wear. There are no pins to damage delicate clothing and no clips that require a pocket or collar to which they can affix. The lanyard simply slips over an employee’s head and is worn comfortably around the neck. The lanyard and name badge together are nearly weightless, so there’s no discomfort for the wearer.

Lanyards can be easier on your budget then pin-on name badges as well. Since they’re not attached to clothing, they’re much less likely than a traditional name tag to be accidentally tossed in the washing machine and ruined. Even if they do find their way into a wash cycle, a quality polyester or nylon lanyard will come out cleaner, but undamaged.

Enhanced Security and Visibility with Colorful Lanyards

If you’re concerned about security, lanyards can be a cost-effective method of restricting access to certain areas. Not only do they keep name badges visible, but they provide a handy place to store key cards. Rather than searching through pockets and purses for their card, employees will always have it close at hand. What’s more, key cards are less likely to be lost – or stolen – when worn securely around the neck.

Additionally, brightly colored lanyards sporting your company name or logo make it easy to tell at a glance if an unauthorized person has entered a restricted area, or to help customers quickly spot employees. Whether they’re tending a tradeshow booth or working in a retail store, employees are instantly recognizable when wearing a lanyard and name badge. Less expensive than uniforms, and more flexible than requiring like-colored clothing, lanyards are a simple but effective way to identify your employees.

Not Just for Corporations

Lanyards are also popular among those with lots of small things to carry, and no pocket or purse to put them in. With a variety of available attachments, lanyards can hold everything from keys to cell phones. If you’re at the gym, at the beach, or out for a hike, carrying a car key can be a hassle. But attach it to a lanyard you place around your neck, and you’ll know exactly where it is when you need it.

Whether you’re searching for a clever and useful giveaway for your customers, or a handy way to identify employees and guests, lanyards are a great choice. Their flexibility makes them handy in a wide variety of situations both on the job and off. The simple design keeps important documents or objects within reach without being in the way, and helps to ensure things don’t get lost, and bright colors make them easy to spot, even in a crowd.

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