Great Accomplishments Deserve Special Recognition with Custom Medallions

By Caryn Smith © 2010, All Rights Reserved

Paper certificates, a reserved parking space, and lunch on the boss’s tab are all time-tested and favorite ways to reward employees and others for a job well done. But sometimes the accomplishment deserves more than a mention in the company newsletter, and custom-designed, high-quality medallions are the perfect choice for a variety of awards programs.

Employee Recognition

Every successful business owner knows that the greatest asset of any company is its employees. The last thing you want to do is put all that work into building a great team only to lose them because you neglected to recognize their value to your company. There are dozens of reasons to reward your employees, but some of the most common are years of employment, innovations that improve safety or efficiency, and successful completion of advanced training courses.

Loyal employees are important to your company, and recognizing them as such not only shows your gratitude, but it builds morale throughout the organization. Present your long-term employees with a custom medallion bearing your company logo along with their name and how long they’ve been a part of the team, and it will serve as a reminder to everyone on your staff that their time and loyalty is acknowledged and appreciated.

Contests and Competitions

A little friendly competition is a good way to foster team spirit and get kids (and adults) involved in activities. And what better prize than a medallion hung on a ribbon around the neck of the winner?

When your summer camp holds its annual canoe race, treat the winners to a special medallion adorned with the camp name and year. Campers will feel just like Olympic champions when they’re hanging out around the campfire wearing their medals. For scouting troops, 4-H clubs, and church groups, medallions make great rewards for accomplishments such as learning a new skill or memorizing bible verses.

Of course, contests aren’t just for kids. Bowling and golf leagues, softball teams, and even businesses all provide plenty of opportunity for rewarding the winners of tournaments and sales competitions. For a little added fun, try rewarding the losers, as well. Poke a little good-natured fun at the guy who bowled a 62 with a medallion depicting a seven-ten split, and chances are he’ll wear it proudly to every game.

Personal Accomplishments

Organizations like Weight Watchers know the importance of recognizing personal accomplishments. A small token to mark the realization of a goal is often just the encouragement a member needs to resist that plate of chocolate-chip cookies. Your own club can use the same technique to encourage members to stretch a little further to reach one more goal.

Whether it’s pounds lost, miles ran, or pints of blood donated, a high-quality medallion commemorating the accomplishment makes a wonderful gift. It acknowledges the work and sacrifice that goes into meeting a goal, while encouraging everyone to work just a bit harder to reach the next milestone.

High-quality, finely crafted metal medallions are the perfect choice for so many events. Unlike certificates and ribbons, medallions are highly valued and proudly displayed. In fact, they look great when framed and hung on a wall for everyone to see. Medallions are less expensive than a gift certificate for dinner, and will be a lasting reminder of a job well done rather than a short-lived gift that is quickly forgotten.

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