A New Twist on an Old Ribbon

By Caryn Smith © 2010, All Rights Reserved

One of the challenges of sponsoring large fundraising events like charity walks, silent auctions, and formal dinners is in rewarding participants and attendees for their hard work and dedication. They deserve to be recognized, but each dollar spent on gifts is a dollar not going to the cause. Cheesy, inexpensive giveaways can make a bad impression, though. You need to find a high-quality alternative that fits your budget. Custom-designed awareness ribbon lapel pins are just the answer.

These colorful lapel pins make fantastic giveaways. Take a break from the traditional, seen-it-everywhere gifts like T-shirts and hats, and present your participants with a beautifully designed favor instead. Lapel pins commemorating the event are a great way to reward your hard-working fundraising crew and loyal contributors with a unique and interesting gift.

Awareness Ribbons Speak for Your Cause

Maybe the greatest benefit of a finely-crafted metal ribbon is its ability to tell a story. When you wear a pink ribbon, no one need ask which cause you are supporting. Pink has been associated with breast cancer awareness for years – but what about gray? Are you walking for diabetes or brain cancer? Or purple, which may stand for a dozen causes? Custom-designed awareness ribbon lapel pins make it easy to tell the world what’s important to you.

Add a symbol or a logo to your pin to make your cause instantly recognizable. A charity walk for diabetes might feature gray pins with a hand symbol to represent the American Diabetes Association’s “Stop Diabetes” campaign. Many lapel pins provide enough fine detail that you’ll even see the tiny spot of crimson on the first finger. Add names, dates, or corporate logos to your pins to honor a single hero or identify fundraising teams within a larger event.

In fact, there’s no reason you have to use a ribbon shape at all. When you choose a high-quality lapel pin you’re not limited to the simple shapes to which fabric or paper ribbons will conform. Jazz up an autism awareness ribbon, for example, by fashioning a ribbon shape from tiny, colorful puzzle pieces. Or add a ribbon motif to a pin in the shape of your logo for a unique design that doesn’t detract from your brand. Your cause will get more attention, and the recipients of the pins will find more value in their unusual design and texture.

More Exposure for a Good Cause

Unlike paper certificates or award ribbons, lapel pins won’t just get tossed in a drawer (or worse) and never see daylight again. Their jewelry-like design increases their perceived value, and makes event participants happy to advertise your organization wherever they go. More exposure means greater awareness of your cause. Everyone wins – the sponsors, the participants, and the beneficiaries.

Affordable, sophisticated giveaways can help make your next charitable event a success, and fine metal lapel pins are the perfect choice. For the greatest impact, choose pins made from high-quality materials. Look for manufacturers capable of matching your exact color shades, and who have the ability to reproduce intricate designs in a small area. Get creative with your design, and your pins will work to bring awareness to your favorite cause long after your fundraising event has ended.

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