Teamwork and Trading Pins

by Sean Myers/Caryn Smith © 2010

Trading Pins are a tradition that is part of many teams and organizations throughout the USA. One organization in particular has become one of the most successful Little League Organizations in the southeast.

Winning the Little League World Series in 2007 Warner Robins American Little League (WRALL) has continued its winning tradition in 2010 unbeaten in 13 all-star-season games, and after the 9-0 victory against Alabama Warner Robins moved into single-elimination match up against Tennessee.

Warner Robins has outscored its opponents 159-18 in 13 games dating back to district-tournament play, which started in early July.

August 12 Warner Robins faced Tennessee and pulled out a 3-2 win in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the sixth which sent them to a national ESPN-televised regional championship showdown against Virginia.

Beating Virginia 6-3, WRALL moved to the Little League World Series and moved all the way through to the US Semifinals and faced Chula Vista representing the West. In heart-breaking fashion Warner Robins lost 11-10 to Chula Vista who later went on to win the Little League World Series.

Throughout the years of success Warner Robins has chosen one source for its championship and tournament pins: Signature Pins. For more than a decade Signature Pins Us has been providing custom trading pins to some of the most successful teams in baseball.

The pins below represent the immeasurable teamwork and achievement of Warner Robins and the dedication of the team of Signature Pins to create a one-of-a-kind high quality trading pins to cherish the memories of WRALL success.


With an experienced team of artists and experts, each championship pin is made with winning in mind. Using custom molded dyes and top-quality materials the trading pins are made to last just as long as the memories of success.

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