Top 10 Reasons to Keep Logo Lapel Pins on Hand

by Caryn Smith © 2010

When you think about marketing a new product or improving employee morale, lapel pins are one of the first ideas that come to mind. But lapel pins aren’t just for special occasions. In fact, keeping lapel pins on hand that simply bear your logo is an excellent plan.

Because these pins are so affordable, your business can use them in a variety of ways. Here are the top 10 reasons to keep plenty of logo lapel pins on hand.

1. Public Speaking – Businesses are often asked to send representatives to speak at Chamber of Commerce events or to be keynote speakers at conferences. College representatives find themselves talking to perspective students at high schools as well as churches. In all these cases, lapel pins can be handed out to those in the audience in order to keep your organization fresh on their minds.

2. Tours – Wineries, manufacturing plants, radio stations, and bakeries are types of businesses that offer tours to interested groups. Including lapel pins in the souvenirs given to each visitor will remind them to purchase your products later on.

3. New Clients – Realtors give relocation packages to those moving to a new area. These packages can include information about local doctors, CPAs, attorneys or other professional services. Add a lapel pin to the brochures you send and make a lasting first impression.

4. Charitable Organizations and Nonprofits – There are numerous charities looking for donations, so how do you stand out above the others? Include lapel pins in mailings asking for donations or thank you notes sent to contributors. They also work well as a gift to those attending an open house at your location.

5. Sponsorships – Is your business sponsoring a tradeshow, sporting event or fundraiser? Lapel pins are a great idea to include in each goody bag. Every person who wears one brings awareness to your business and the event.

6. Tradeshows and Conventions – This is a time when people go from booth to booth looking for great give-a-ways. Make it fun by trading your lapel pins for business cards from visitors. You get lots of great leads and they get a neat gift.

7. Networking – Business networking groups give you a chance to meet new customers and expand your circle of associates. Want to make your business cards more noticeable when exchanging them with others? Attach a lapel pin to your card and see what a difference it makes.

8. Sales Presentations – Giving a sales presentation? You’ll want to make a professional impression. Do so by including lapel pins with the proposal you leave behind.

9. Product Launches – The idea with a new product is to have numerous people try it then let word of mouth work for you. Lapel pins make this an easy process. Pins can be creative by using danglers, spinners, blinkies, sliders and more. With fun and exciting lapel pins, potential customers will be seeking out your new product.

10. Media Events – Holding a press conference? Reporter involvement can mean the difference between a little coverage and a lot. After the interview, provide them with lots of pictures, plenty of fact sheets and your logo lapel pin to wear.

Lapel pins are one of the best ways to gets an abundance of exposure for your business without spending excessive amounts of money. They’re versatile, attractive and very affordable. Invest in lapel pins for your organization and see what a difference they make.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need an affordable way to advance your downline, lapel pins are an excellent option. Visit today for custom lapel pins in just 10 days, guaranteed!

Visit today for custom lapel pins in just 10 days, guaranteed!

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