Hot Lapel Pins Attract Teen Buyers to Your Business

by Caryn Smith © 2010

Teens have always had a major impact on U.S. retail sales. Previous estimates by Market Research World state that teen spending topped $190 billion dollars annually just a couple of years back. Popular purchases for teens include technology, music, food and clothes. While teens don’t earn as much as adults, most of their funds are disposable. Simply put, whatever they like, they buy. If marketing to teens is necessary for the sale of your product, let lapel pins come to your aid in this down economy.

Increase Sales with Lapel Pins

Trying to increase sales of new books, video games or CDs? Get the word out with the help of lapel pins. Because these pins are so versatile, you can use your business name as well as a design that coordinates with the book, game or CD cover. Give away free lapel pins as an incentive for teens to click to your website and place a preorder. They get something cool to wear and show their friends plus they will be the first to own your new product. Your creative pins will be noticed by other teens, encouraging them to place their preorders as well.

Lapel Pins Boost Team Spirit

From spring baseball to fall football and everything in between, teens love to support high school sports. Students are typically given free tickets to their schools’ sporting events. By using lapel pins, you can increase attendance, create class competitions and also help support your sports programs.

Order lapel pins with different designs for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. When students present their IDs at the game, give them a pin that identifies their grade. The class with the most attendance can be announced at half time. It’s a great way to encourage student participation and also to raise money.

Students aren’t the only ones who enjoy sporting events. Offer parents and neighbors the opportunity to get in on the class competition as well. Parents and other adults must purchase tickets. To generate more revenue, try promotions that let adults buy two tickets and get a free lapel pin. Pins can also be sold individually to raise funds. With many schools facing budget cuts, the use of lapel pins is a creative way to increase money raised by booster clubs. That in turn provides needed money to support high school sports teams.

Lapel Pins are Hot Accessories

Teens are always interested in the latest fashion craze. Whether it’s the new look for spring and summer or what’s hot for back-to-school, lapel pins will help bring the teen crowd to your store.

Offer your teen shoppers the opportunity to register for a private preview of the latest styles. Each one that registers receives a lapel pin promoting your store. Give those who register a special time where they can see and purchase the newest fashions before they go on sale to the general public. For instance, store hours could be extended for one evening in order to let those with lapel pins have a sneak peak at what others won’t be able to see or buy until the next day.

Students will want to share this private deal with all their friends, generating more business for you. In addition, while teens are wearing your pins throughout the mall, they will be walking advertisements for your store.

Teens are drawn to items that are colorful, unique and fun. Use lights, bobbles and spinners to design a pin that teens will find fun and exciting. These pins are custom created in every color and style imaginable, so your lapel pins can match other marketing pieces you might have developed.

The best part of marketing with lapel pins is that they’re an effective yet inexpensive tool. That’s precisely why savvy, results-oriented marketers find them so irresistible.


Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need affordable, memorable promotional items with a high perceived value, lapel pins are an excellent option. Visit today for custom lapel pins in just 10 days, guaranteed!

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