Baseball Trading Pins are All the Rage

by Caryn Smith © 2010

For over one hundred and fifty years America has had a love affair with baseball. Considered our national pastime, baseball draws fans from the very young Little League players to the not-so-young who remember the greats like Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Hank Aaron. Today all eyes are on players such as Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey, Jr. and many more. While trading the baseball cards of these legends is a long-time hobby for fans, cards aren’t the only hot baseball collectable being traded right now. A large number of baseball fanatics are adding baseball trading pins to their passions.

Originally swapped by Olympic coaches and players, baseball trading pins are now designed for teams ranging from Little League to college. Not only are they exchanged by those who participate in the sport, but spectators and collectors have also gotten involved. Baseball trading pins can be worn on a variety of places including jackets, hats and bat bags to name a few. So, what makes a pin highly sought after? Here are some of the factors to keep in mind when deciding which baseball trading pins to order.

Unique Designs

Conservative they’re not! Each baseball trading pin is custom designed so no two are ever the same. Two rules apply. First, the bigger the pin, the better. Second, the more your baseball trading pin moves, shakes or lights up, the more popular it is bound to be. Pins can be created with bobble heads, blinkers, danglers, sliders and spinners. If this sounds like a foreign language, make sure to choose a customer-focused company that offers free design services. These design experts know the most popular styles and can help ensure your baseball trading pins will be in big demand.

Colors That Stand Out

Bright colors or colors with glitter help your pins stand out and become a hot commodity. While your team colors are an obvious choice, you may wonder what other colors look good together and how many different ones should be used. A smart move is to order from a business that provides free color proofs so you can see exactly what your pins will look like before placing the order. That way there are no surprises when your pins arrive. Some companies even allow color at no additional ch

arge, which helps offset a good deal of the cost of baseball trading pins. Shop around for the best value.


Keep in mind that a number of details can affect the price. The size of the pin and the type of material used to make it both contribute to the cost you’ll pay. Many experienced companies will also offer extras such as free setup and shipping. A few will even waive mold fees as well as guaranteed quick delivery. Check to see if there’s a reduction in cost when you order a larger quantity before deciding exactly how many baseball pins you need.

Collecting baseball trading pins is almost as much fun as baseball itself. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and share your love for the game. And since these pins are durable and long lasting, you’ll have keepsakes that will bring back memories for years to come.

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