Lapel Pins Make Your Organization Stand Out

by Caryn Smith © 2007-2008

Whether your group is philanthropic or an association of like-minded professionals, promotion to donors or potential members is always a focus. Without contributions and/or the addition of new people, your association won’t grow and thrive. This fact creates a need for constant promotion. From use with sponsorships and event marketing to giveaways and member awards, lapel pins offer an exceptional way to get the word out.

When you’re looking for something that’s professional, will draw attention and is affordable, lapel pins deliver. Custom designed lapel pins can be made in any shape, design or color you can imagine. What’s more, they have a high perceived value and are considered to be like jewelry making them perfectly suitable for wear with practically any attire.

Advertise Your Group

For a minimal cost, attractive lapel pins can be created that show the name and logo of your organization. When your members wear their pins, they promote the organization everywhere they go. Whether at work, a restaurant or a networking event, everyone they come in contact with will see a professional advertisement for your organization. What an easy way to reach a huge audience.

Increase Fundraising Results

The Fraternal Order of Police collects money for Easter Seals and Special Olympics. March of Dimes receives donations generated by Kiwanis International. If your group is philanthropic and raises money for a particular charity or if your association depends on donations from individuals, lapel pins can help increase your fundraising results.

You might consider offering specially designed lapel pins as a reward for donations of particular amounts. "Foundational Donors" (those contributing a minimal amount) could receive small lapel pins bearing your logo in blue while "Executive Contributors" who make significant donations might get larger pins in striking black and gold. The possibilities are endless.

Service Awards

Lapel pins can also be used for identification and recognition within your organization. Each section or chapter can have its own design or color that allows for easy recognition. Lapel pins can be awarded for significant accomplishments to those who participated in fundraising or other group-related activities. Members can also receive lapel pins that mark their years of membership as well as their standing within the group (new member, president, etc.)

When looking for a way to bring your group together, promote charities or reward performance, lapel pins offer endless options. Available in a variety of colors and designs, you can create attractive pins for use in any situation. And, because lapel pins are worn with pride, they are sure to be seen by countless others who will want to know more about your organization.



Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need affordable, memorable promotional items with a high perceived value, lapel pins are an excellent option. Visit today for custom lapel pins in just 10 days, guaranteed!



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