Lapel Pins Help Reward Teachers, Administrators and Students

by Caryn Smith © 2007-2008

When it comes to an educational environment, it seems students get all the accolades. While they certainly do deserve to be recognized for their efforts; teachers, administrators, coaches and others also warrant being honored for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the level of education (kindergarten, elementary, intermediate, high school or college) or who you want to pay tribute to, lapel pins make the perfect reward.

Years of Service Awards

Long-term devotion to a school is something that should be praised. When a teacher, coach or administrator dedicates themselves fully to making a school and its students the best they can be, they deserve recognition. Aside from the loyalty they show year after year, faithful employees help keep costs down by reducing turnover.

An excellent choice for years of service awards is a die struck pin. With more of an engraved/embossed look, these lapel pins are stamped from iron, brass or copper and have a sandblasted style. Very handsome!

Special Honors

Do you have a teacher, administrator or coach of the year? Has someone on your staff completed their certification, masters or doctorate? For those who go above and beyond to improve themselves – and thus, those around them – a lapel pin showing appreciation for their efforts is a wonderful memento of thanks.

Cloisonne lapel pins are of the highest quality and incorporate any design you choose into a colorful, hard-baked enamel finish that lasts. Often considered as jewelry, these pins are crafted to fit your exact specifications so each order can highlight a different special honor.

Student Achievement

Advancing to the next grade, selection for advanced classes or participation in extracurricular activities. Whatever the occasion – from excelling in reading programs to being elected as a class officer – students thrive when their achievements are recognized.

ROTC cadets, band or choir members, music ensemble participants, club members, student councilmen or women and more. Developing talent and lending your skills to benefit others is an important part of life. Encourage your students to move forward by acknowledging their past achievements with commemorative lapel pins.

Fraternities and Sororities

Being a member of a fraternal organization creates a special bond among brothers and sisters. Show the world that you’re all united when you order custom-designed lapel pins. Soft enamel pins are an excellent choice because they offer the ability to incorporate color into your design, the deliver a good level of quality and they look fantastic!

Whether you want to mark your annual philanthropic event, commemorate each year of participation while on campus or decorate your officers; lapel pins are a lasting way to remember some of the best times of your college career.

Sports Trading Pins

One of the biggest things going in youth, high school and college sports is trading pins. Baseball, football, soccer… any sports team can have custom trading pins made. The purpose? To trade and collect them! This fun and interesting hobby has caught on nationwide. Don’t let your school teams be left out.

When you think of education, consider the entire experience for students, teachers and coaches. From sports trading pins to reading club achievements, every occasion deserves to be remembered.


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