An Easy, Profitable Fundraising Idea

by Caryn Smith © 2007-2008

When looking for a fundraising idea, there are certain questions you should ask to help determine which items are best suited for your needs. Does the item sell itself? Is it unique? Is the item desirable to buyers? Is the profit margin acceptable? Is it feasible to sell enough products to quickly meet your goal? Lapel pins give you a "yes" answer to each of these questions.

What’s more, rather than one-size-fits-all products the company wants you to sell, you get to choose custom pins crafted by professional designers just for your project. You will be selling something truly unique because no one else will have lapel pins like yours.

School teams, charities, church groups, clubs, social organizations and more can earn money faster than you thought possible by selling custom-created lapel pins your friends and family will want to buy.

Make as Much as You Want

What’s most important in fundraising, however, is that you are able to raise funds. Lots of funds! Because the cost of even the most luxurious lapel pins is low, you can easily add practically any markup you want. For example, if your group orders 500 premium, full-color, 1.5-inch cloisonné pins, you’d likely pay under $2.00 each. You could then sell those pins for up to $8.00 or even $10.00 each. Your cost would be around $1,000, but your profits would be three to four times that. There aren’t too many fundraising opportunities that give you the ability to triple or quadruple your original investment.

Lapel Pins Overcome the Common Drawbacks of Fundraising

Unfortunately, when you say the word "fundraising" many people roll their eyes and cringe. Why? Because they feel as though they’re imposing themselves on family and friends who only buy out of obligation. What’s more, large items or those that require special care (wrapping paper rolls, boxes of cookies or cakes, chocolates, or frozen pizzas for example) are cumbersome to sort and distribute. If you have to keep food items cool, timing of delivery becomes an issue. Do you have room to store food orders in your fridge or freezer?

But lapel pins overcome these common drawbacks. They are small (usually smaller than a quarter), easy to sort, easy to store and require no special handling. What’s more, lapel pins are desirable so they’re quick sellers. With a high perceived value, lapel pins are considered jewelry and they automatically make a good impression on both men and women.

Lapel Pins Make a Great “Thank You”ng

Looking for other options? Use lapel pins as "thank you" gifts for contributors. When you gain a new donor, mail a welcome package that includes a handsome lapel pin they can proudly wear showing their support of your organization.

Whether you use lapel pins as a fundraising product themselves or as a support mechanism to reinforce your other fundraising efforts, you’ll find they are always well received. The next time a fundraising project crosses your desk, think beyond the typical and go for the extraordinary. You’ll see quicker sales, easier delivery and higher profits.




Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need attractive, memorable lapel pins visit today for custom lapel pins in just 10 days, guaranteed!


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