Did you just open up a new eatery or store in your community? Want to get the word out, quickly? Consider the power, reach, and affordability of custom lapel pins. These versatile tokens are ideal for attracting new customers and strengthening relationships with those you already have.

Creating a stunning lapel pin for your business brand isn’t hard—if you have the right pin vendor. A reputable manufacturer will offer pins in a wide variety of styles—from die struck to cloisonné. Established pin companies typically have a graphic design team that can help you finalize your design and choose just the right look. Many even offer special touches like simulated gemstones or unique attachments. Find out the turnaround time before you order your pins. Some vendors provide a rush service if you’re in a time crunch.

Once your pins arrive, here are some ideas for putting them to work for your small business!

  1. Send them out with your sales representatives. If you’re trying to get your foot in the door with valuable new clients, lapel pins are a great “leave behind” to help you make a winning first impression. After all, who doesn’t love getting a free gift?
  2. Include them in new client “welcome” kits. While many businesses hand out the usual pens or fridge magnets, you can stand out by giving new customers a branded lapel pin. Its uniqueness won’t be lost on them!
  3. Hand them out at community events. Local parades and festivals provide a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about your organization. Pass out your lapel pins to let your neighbors know you’re up and running.
  4. Use them as a discount vehicle. If you own a retail store, hand out a lapel pin to your first 100 customers. Explain that if they wear your pin next time they come into your shop, they’ll get an exclusive discount on their purchase.
  5. Pass them out at trade shows. Skip the usual promotional giveaways at your next trade show (who needs another water bottle?) and surprise your booth visitors with lapel pins instead.
  6. Incorporate them into direct mail. Make your next direct mail package more successful by inserting a custom lapel pin! This creates a “bulky” mailing that’s more likely to be opened by curious recipients. They’ll be even more delighted when they discover their free gift inside.


What’s the beauty of lapel pins? They’re not only affordable (costing as little as a dollar a piece, depending on how many you order), they’re tiny little mobile advertisements for your business. That’s because when people wear them on their person, they give exposure to your brand name wherever they go!

So if you’re a small company with a small budget, custom lapel pins are a great option for telling the community that you’d love their business. And a super way to let locals show how much they appreciate your company and willingly spread the word on your behalf.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit http://www.signaturepins.com/custom-html/ today.

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