Even if you don’t know a lanyard by name, you’ll recognize one when you see it! After all, this popular item has been around for decades. A lanyard is a long, thin loop of material (usually durable nylon or polyester) with a clip, hook, or some other kind of attachment at the end. The practical applications of lanyards in business and in everyday life are virtually endless. Let’s take a look at a few.

Brand showcase: Conference or trade show coming up? Have your company name and logo printed on colorful lanyards, and ask your employees and partners to wear them during the event. Or, purchase a large supply of custom-designed lanyards and hand them out to attendees as a token of thanks. This kind of exposure helps to generate awareness of your business—and chances are people will continue to use your branded lanyards long after the event is over!

Staff helper: Whether in a corporate, school, or healthcare setting, business professionals are always on the go. A lanyard is a great way to keep pens, keys, cell phones, ID badges, access cards, and other mission-critical items close at hand throughout the day. For example, a lanyard with a retractable badge reel attachment allows the wearer to scan their ID card without having to bend over repeatedly.

School spirit booster: Brightly colored lanyards are a favorite of students and teachers alike! Students will love showing off their school pride while keeping items like keys and smartphones secure. Teachers can use lanyards to hold keys, identification badges, and even eyeglasses. School lanyards can be customized with your institution’s name, motto, mascot, and signature colors.

Fundraising tool: Looking to raise money for a cause close to your heart? When asking for donations, consider using lanyards as a cost effective giveaway. You can order lanyards in any color and display your charity name or a special message. Your donors will appreciate the gesture of gratitude, and when they wear their lanyards in the community, your cause will get even more valuable exposure!

Sports team supporter: Do you run a high school, college, or community sports league? Bolster pride and unity among your players with vibrant lanyards featuring your team’s name, colors, and hometown. In addition to handing these out to players and coaches, you can sell your custom lanyards to raise money for out of town games, field trips, and new equipment.

In addition to being able to customize the material, thickness, color, and design of your lanyards, you can also choose from a number of attachments including j-hooks, cell phone loops, lobster claws, and split key rings. Some vendors may offer premium attachments such as a carabineer hook or no-swivel hook. You can even opt to add extra accessories such as buckle releases, clear PVC badge holders, and safety breakaways that reduce the risk of choking.

Lanyards may be “old school,” but they’ve come a long way in the last several years. We’ve given you a few ideas for how lanyards can make life easier and increase your success. Use your creativity to come up with some of your own!

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit http://www.signaturepins.com/custom-html/ today.

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