5 Cost-Effective Giveaways to Encourage Fellowship and Church Participation

By Caryn Smith © 2012, All Rights Reserved

There are lots of things competing for your church members’ time in this modern world. Work, school, and other obligations – be they real or imagined – often take priority over church attendance and participation. With a little imagination, though, church leaders can help members gain more from their church experience and give back to the community as well.

Reward Steps toward Self-Improvement

Many churches sponsor self-help groups to encourage members in their quest for healthier, happier lives. Weight loss, debt reduction, and smoking cessation are all popular choices when it comes to self-improvement, and having a community of like-minded people helps us get over the hurdles. Especially helpful is having a reward system that acknowledges milestones in the journey.

A small gift to mark an accomplishment is a great way to inspire a struggling dieter or former smoker. With a tangible reminder of how far they’ve come on their journey, they’re more likely to stay strong, even when faced with temptations. Lapel pins set with different colored stones or marked with specific milestones offer constant support when other group members aren’t around to lend a hand.

Help Children Discover a Love of the Bible

Kids love games and contests, and that makes motivating the children in your congregation both easy and fun. Congratulate those who learn Bible passages by presenting them with a special pin bearing the name of your church. Schedule presentation ceremonies at regular intervals throughout the year to encourage a little friendly competition among the kids. Soon they’ll be working hard to earn more pins than their friends, and encouraging others to do the same.

Encourage Youth to Participate in Community Projects

For years, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America have inspired a love of learning and community involvement. Members receive patches to commemorate each achievement, instilling a sense of pride in the recipient and encouraging kids to work harder to reach the next goal.

Churches can use the same method to help youth members learn the importance of community involvement. Reward kids who spend X number of hours doing volunteer work, who use their free time to check on elderly members, or who participate in the upkeep of the church building or grounds. Kids will know their service is appreciated and wear their lapel pins with pride.

Welcome New Members with a Pretty Keepsake

Everyone has a need to belong somewhere, and new church members are no different. In fact, finding and joining a new church can feel quite overwhelming. Ease your new members’ anxiety by presenting them with a special lapel pin as a way of saying, “Welcome.” Pins depicting a likeness of the church or perhaps a meaningful scripture passage will instantly help visitors feel as if they are part of your family.

Raise Funds for Renovations or Charitable Projects

With everyone feeling the pinch of the economy, it can be hard to raise funds even for worthy causes like a new building or a much-needed food drive. Encouraging donations by presenting donors with a special thank you for their generosity can help, and lapel pins are the perfect choice. Consider different colored pins for varying donation levels such as bronze for $100 or less, silver for $101 to $250, and gold for $251 and up.

When choosing lapel pins for these or other occasions, be sure to look for quality pins constructed of metal. Design options should include multiple color choices, a selection of finishes, and special touches like colored stones or blinking lights. For best results, choose a manufacturer that offers free design and artwork, custom color matching, and fast shipping at no additional charge.

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