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Get Your Community Excited About Fitness (and Your Gym) with Custom Lapel Pins

Trying to get your new fitness center off the ground? February is the perfect time to ramp up your marketing efforts. After putting on a few holiday pounds from too much eggnog and not enough cardio, people are ready to kick their get-in-shape plans into high gear. And with some help with custom lapel pins, you can show them you’re the gym to help.                                                      

5 ways to promote your gym with lapel pins

  1. Send out pins to local neighborhoods. Planning a direct mail piece? People get so much mail these days, much of it gets tossed before the recipient even glances at it. Make yours instantly stand out by using an envelope and including a custom-designed lapel pin with your gym’s logo and information. Everyone loves a “freebie,” and this is a great chance to spread a little motivation around the town.
  2. Hold contests. When you recognize the dedication of your most avid gym-goers, they feel appreciated and inspired. Create a competition at your center and keep track of who visits each day. At the end of the month, those members who showed up the most days get a free smoothie (or some other small treat) and a stylish lapel pin they can wear proudly.
  3. Hand out pins at community events. Whether it’s a 5K, farmer’s market or festival, local events are a fantastic opportunity to market your gym. If you don’t have your own booth, partner with a vendor (e.g. one selling health-related products) to hand out your pins with every purchase or visit. You could also have fun competitions, such as a throwing distance contest that tests arm strength. Give every participant one of your pins to thank them for playing!
  4. Visit schools. Coordinate with your local high school or community college to conduct a fitness education class. At the end of class, have a sign up sheet ready to capture the info of teens and young adults interested in your gym. Hand them one of your custom-designed lapel pins as a takeaway.
  5. Beef up your “welcome new member” packets. If you give new members goodies when they sign on with your facility, consider adding a few custom lapel pins. They’ll not only keep one for themselves; they’ll share the pins with family and friends and spark their interest in your gym as well.

The beauty of custom lapel pins is that they’re:

  • Affordable: Custom pins can be designed to fit virtually any budget. And the  more you buy at once, the more you save per unit
  • Impressive: Instead of handing customers yet another flimsy water bottle, give them a high-quality token that lends credibility to your brand image.
  • Wearable: When members put your lapel pin on their gym bag, purse or jacket, your brand name and logo are exposed to people wherever that person travels. It’s like round-the-clock marketing for your business!


Ready to give your gym a “lift” with custom lapel pins? Visit our homepage and start exploring all your options today!

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.

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