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This Season, Knock Your Baseball Trading Pin Out of the Park

Have you thought about creating a custom trading pin for your high school, college or community baseball team? You’re on the right track—t-shirts and hats are nice, but trading pins are team-building tool you can’t overlook.

Why are trading pins a great choice for boosting team spirit?

1. They make your players feel valued. Between long practices, bumps and bruises and the sting of that occasional loss, your baseball players work hard all season long. Having a high-quality pin made in their honor is a special way to recognize their efforts. They’ll be proud to wear their pin and show it off at games and around town. Create a new pin each year to make them extra-collectible.

2. Fans love them, too! Baseball trading pins aren’t just for players. Sell them at school and at games to raise money for your team, or pass them out to celebrate if your team wins the championship. Family and friends will enjoy showcasing their favorite team.

3. They have staying power. Unlike t-shirts that shrink, tear and wear out over time, baseball trading pins are made of durable metals and other materials to stand the test of time. Players and their loved ones will appreciate having a special keepsake that reminds them of those baseball days… long after that final game is played.

4. They’re affordable. Trading pins are a high-quality team memento that fit any budget. The more you buy, the more you save!

5. They promote your team around the clock. When players, fans and families wear your trading pin on their hats, jackets or clothing, your team name gets exposure wherever they travel. It’s a great way to rally additional support and make your team better known throughout the community.

How Do Trading Pins Work?

While your players will love collecting the different versions of their own team’s pin, they’ll also enjoy trading pins with other teams—whether they’re from the same town or a different city, state or even country. This activity is not only fun and exciting, it helps foster good sportsmanship among teams.

Creating an Eye-Catching Memento

With so many styles, shapes and colors to choose from, it’s easy to put your trading pin in a league of its own. A reputable pin manufacturer will work with you step by step to make sure your pin is a fitting reflection of your team’s spirit and philosophy.

Want your pin to have extra pizazz? Choose head-turning add-ons like blinkers, sliders, spinners, bobbles and danglers to make your pins supremely tradable! You can even add glitter to your pin to provide dazzling shimmer when the sun hits it.

Baseball season is not far off, so get your trading pins ordered today!

Need help and advice in designing your pin? Signature Pins is an expert in trading pins for baseball, football, hockey, volleyball, basketball and more! Get started today.

Caryn Smith is Manager of Signature Pins. When you need custom lapel pins, visit today.

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